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Vegan Treats Review

A few months ago, I found out that there’s a vegan bakery not too incredibly far from my parents’ house. In fact, it’s just a few blocks from one of the branches my mom visits fairly regularly as part of her job as a banking executive! Vegan Treats is a small shop, and easy to miss if you’re not looking for it, but it’s definitely worth the effort!

I’ve had the opportunity to try a few different vegan treats from Vegan Treats, but my favourite is definitely the donuts.  I missed eating donuts that I haven’t haphazardly fried up with some accidentally vegan dough.  I’ve got many fond memories of visiting Dunkin’ with my family growing up and I’ve longed for that sort of nostalgic goodie.

The first time we stepped inside, I was blown away.  I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a few all-vegan spots now, but this was the first time that there was this much variety front-and-center, and not just on a menu.  I’ve been to many regular bakeries and for the first time, I didn’t have to examine everything hoping to find the one (typically disappointing) vegan option.

vegan treats - display case

I’d been particularly reminiscing over Boston cream donuts in the weeks prior to that first visit, so naturally I had to try their version.  It wasn’t exactly like the version I remembered, but it was absolutely delicious nevertheless, and satisfied that craving perfectly.

vegan treats - boston creme filling

I got to try a cannoli, too, another treat that I’d been dying to try veganised. Neither the cannoli itself nor the powder sugar it was coated in disappointed!

vegan treats - cannoli sugar

My mom and sister came along on this trip and each got a goodie of their own: a filled pumpkin donut and a personal chocolate cake!


vegan treats - pumpkin donuts

vegan treats - chocolate cake

It was right around Halloween, too, so the festive, spooky decorations were a great bonus!

I got to finish off Mom’s donut (she says they’re too rich for her, even on a cheat day–I suspect she might just know they make me happy) and try a few bites of Rachel’s cake.  I’m happy to report that they were both absolutely delicious!

Now, these are rather rich, and very sweet, especially if you don’t indulge in these sorts of goodies very often.  Personally, I don’t find either of these qualities to be a detriment–it just helps me to savour them even more!

As I said, the bakery isn’t far from one of Mom’s branches, so I’ve had the chance to try a few more goodies. Mom brought home an assortment of donuts on another trip!

vegan treats - donuts

She picked out the sprinkled donut especially for me as I’d said a few times that that was the next one I needed to try–I missed the rainbow sprinkles of childhood donuts!  She ate the coconut one herself (I’m not much of a coconut fan myself), but I got to try the chocolate, too (and a few bites of the pumpkin again–she’d liked it so much the first time that she got it again!).  As expected, all three were absolutely delicious.

Most recently, she surprised me with a whole spread of vegan treats.  Not only did she bring another box of donuts, but she brought this adorable Easter-y cake, too! His wing got a bit knocked off in travel, but he was delicious (and adorable) nevertheless.  He was gluten-free, too, which made it even better!

chick cake vegan treats

The donuts included another sprinkled and chocolate, a jelly-filled, and a s’mores. For me, the highlight was hands-down the jelly!  I didn’t realise just how much I’d missed jelly donuts, nor just how long it had been since I’d had one. The jelly was smoother than those I remember, but so good–the raspberry and powdered sugar combination was as wonderful as I remembered!

donuts 2 - vegan treats

I can’t wait to try even more of these delicious Vegan Treats!  They have some gorgeous soft-serve that’s high on my list, plus a “chicken” and waffles concoction that looks absolutely mouth-watering.

vegan treats - chicken and waffles

Of course, I’ll keep you updated as I try more goodies from Vegan Treats!  If you’re ever in the Bethlehem area, be sure to stop by and check it out for yourself.

Vegan Treats Review


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