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Vegan Gift Guide

More often than not, your vegan friend’s holiday wish list is likely pretty similar to your own.  More gifts than you can imagine are accidentally vegan and cruelty-free!  But, if you’re looking for something special that you know will fit into their lifestyle, look no further.  Our cruelty-free and vegan gift guide is here to help you out!

Here, I’ve accumulated an assortment of vegan-friendly gifts.  I’ve included some larger categories to inspire you, plus some specific picks that I know I’d personally love!  Keep in mind that my picks are almost entirely wish list items, so I haven’t actually tried them for myself.

Even better, I have a few friends from Twitter who’ve kindly offered their suggestions of items to add.  I’ve linked to them throughout the post, so be sure to visit them, too!

Make sure you check out our list of small businesses to buy from this season, too!  Quite a few of them cater directly to vegans or offer a selection of vegan products.

This post may contain affiliate links.  Please see our disclosure for more information!

Health and beauty products

There are so many cruelty-free and vegan beauty products out there–many of which you wouldn’t expect!  While I’ve never been able to use their products myself due to the strong scents (darn migraines!), Lush comes highly recommended! Bliss is another great brand for vegan skincare!

Thank you to Katie for the recommendation!

My picks:

Bliss Drench & Quench*

Rosy Christmas (currently unavailable, 1/19)


Is there a particular charity or animal shelter that your vegan friend supports? Make a donation in their name!

Not sure of any they particularly support?  Here’s a list of recommended charities from Animal Charity Evaluators.

My picks:

The Humane League

Four Paws


Whether it’s an especially ethical brand or clothes with a vegan message, this is another fairly easy one if you’ve got their sizes on hand!  Check out Everything Vegan for a great selection.

Thank you to a.k.a Aye Soul for the recommendation!

My picks:

“Herbivore Park” tee

“Feed Me Vegetable and Tell Me I’m Pretty” tee

Jewellery & Accessories

No Faux Vegan is just one of many shops you can visit to find amazing vegan jewellery, clothes, and accessories! I’m mildly obsessed with their Cornelia Cat backpack (it even comes in grey, to match Fitz!) and their jewellery is absolutely stunning, like this “Vegan From the Heart” necklace.

Thank you to Lav of Lavrax for the recommendation!

My picks:

Cornelia Cat backpack

Vegan From the Heart necklace

Dainty Kitty studs

Vegan script necklace


There are so many fantastic vegan cookbooks out there!  Give your friend the gift of lots of yummy meals to come with a whole cookbook.

More the DIY type?  You could personalise this gift by creating your own book or recipe box of vegan recipes you compile!

My picks:

Thug Kitchen 101*, Thug Kitchen

Fuss-Free Vegan*, Sam Turnbull

Meal delivery service

If your vegan friend isn’t the cooking type, a subscription to a meal delivery service might be better received than cookbooks.  Earth’s Friends has compared a variety of the best vegan meal delivery services to give you lots of ideas–and there are even more where that comes from!

My picks:

Vegan Sampler, Takeout Kit

Vegan Meal Kit, Sun Basket


Have a vegan bookworm on your hands, but not a cookbookworm?  There are lots of books out there on veganism in general!  Snag them some print or ebooks that look especially good, or even a gift card for their favourite bookstore.

Be sure to keep an eye out here on For the Sake of Good Taste in the new year, too–we’ll be launching our book of vegan swaps not long after the conclusion of Blogmas!

Thank you to Allen for the recommendation!

My picks:

The Mindful Vegan,* Lani Muelrath

The Vegan Way,* Jackie Day

The Minimalist Vegan,* Michael and Masa Ofel

Gift cards

Speaking of bookstore gift cards, there are all sorts of gift cards out there that any vegan would love!  Look for one from their favourite restaurant or shop to give them control over their gift–this is especially helpful if you don’t know if they’ve already gotten the gift you have in mind!

Thank you to Koocha Mezze Bar for the recommendation–and be sure to check them out the next time you’re in Bristol!  I know I will be!

My picks:

Koocha Mezze Bar (Bristol, UK)

Vegan Treats (Bethlehem, PA)

Gift Hampers/Gift Boxes

For my UK/EU friends, Planet Organic offers an assortment of Vegan Hampers which are absolutely fantastic.  In the States or another spot where you can’t have these delivered?  Head to the site anyway–they’d be great inspiration for a DIY gift, too!

Vegan Town offers something similar with their Vegan Treat Box! According to the photos on the site, they could include Mini Moos, too, which are my all-time favourite vegan chocolate (and one of the things I miss the most from the UK–if anyone ever wants to make me the happiest person alive, the “honeycomb” ones would actually be the best gift ever!).

Thank you to Chloe of chlxemarie and Sarah of Sarah TRADEMARK for the recommendations!  

My picks:

The Ultimate Vegan Hamper, Planet Organic

Vegan Gift Basket*, Well Baskets

Vegan Treat Box, Vegan Town UK

Pantry Essentials

If you know some of your friend’s must-have ingredients, a few of them could make a great gift! Not sure of just what they’d like? Try some nutritional yeast* or tahini* for a great starting point!

Thank you to LIVEKINDLY for inspiring this one–check out their list of vegan stocking stuffers under $25 for more ideas!

My picks:

Nutritional yeast*


Apple Cider Vinegar*

Coconut Oil*

Specialty Vegan Goodies

Did you know that you can buy goodies like fair trade coffee and vegan wine to really make your friend’s holiday season merry?

Thank you to Nik and Amy for their recommendations!

My picks:

Kivu Noir Filter Ground Coffee

Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco

Gardening Supplies

Admittedly, not everyone has a green thumb.  But, if your go-to vegan has?  Chances are, your friend would adore the chance to grow and eat some fresh vegetables!  No space for an actual garden? Something like this indoor herb starter kit* might be the perfect fit!

Thank you again to LIVEKINDLY for inspiring this one!

My picks:

Indoor herb starter kit*

Garden tools set*

Organic vegetable seeds*

Vegan Gift Guide

Are you buying for a vegan this year, or are you vegan yourself? What’s on your wishlist?

Happy Blogmas


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