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Vegan Easter Recipes

Easter dinner is one of those meals that, in my experience, tends to be one that a family has its own special version of. A few more common dishes pop up time and again, but you can always personalise the meal to include your favourites.  Vegan Easter recipes are no different!

Whether’s you’re whipping up a full vegan feast or are bringing a vegan dish to your family potluck, we’ve compiled some of our favourite vegan Easter recipes from across the web.

Be sure to check out our vegan Thanksgiving and Christmas round-ups, too–many of these meals would work for Easter dinner, too!

Simple Raw Zucchini Roll-Ups, Green Evi

This looks like such a fantastic appetizer for Easter dinner! You could even make these to enjoy while waiting for the main meal to be ready–get your veggies in without spoiling your appetite!

Lemon Pepper Cauliflower Steaks, My Darling Vegan

Cauliflower steaks are one of my all-time favourite vegan foods, and this recipe sounds especially delicious!

1-Hour Vegan Pot Pies, Minimalist Baker

Growing up in Pennsylvania Dutch country, I ate a lot of pot pie, both this sort, which is in pie form, and the type that’s more of a soup. Both were long-time favourites and, luckily, both can be easily made vegan!

Fresh Tomato Risotto with Grilled Greens, Lauren Caris Cooks

More veggies? Yes, please!  This tomato veggie is super customizable and sounds like the perfect option for an Easter dinner.

Asparagus and Cashew Cream Tart, My Darling Vegan

I really enjoy asparagus, and this is such a unique way to use it!

Herb-Roasted Tri-Colored Carrots, Averie Cooks

When it comes to potatoes and carrots, I’ve always particularly loved recipes that utilise an assortment of colours and varieties.  These carrots do so beautifully!

Vegan Egg Salad, VegAnnie

Looking for a simple addition to your Easter meal? Ths vegan egg salad is bound to be a hit!

Super Spring Salad, Gathering Dreams

Like its name suggests, this salad absolutely encompasses springtime!

Vegan Eggless Frittata, One Arab Vegan

Who needs eggs?

Gluten-Free Bunny Soft Pretzels, Fork and Beans

I love a good soft pretzel and you can’t get more Easter-themed than a bunny!

Lemon Olive Oil Cake, Culinary Hill

A lot of the recipes on this list are new to me, but this one is a long-time favourite!  This cake is the perfect balance of the refreshing acid of lemon and the sweetness of the glaze.  It’s relatively simple to make and absolutely delicious!

Vegan Gluten-Free Carrot Cake, Gimme Some Oven

I can hardly believe it, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually tried carrot cake!  I’m on a mission to do so now.  I love that this recipe is gluten-free, too!

Vegan Elderflower Cake with Lemon Curd & White Chocolate Frosting, Wallflower Kitchen

This cake looks absolutely beautiful, and it most definitely has an Easter sort of feeling to it.

Vegan Carrot Cake Truffles, Cinnamon & Coriander

More carrot cake, but this time in the form of a delicious truffle!

“Egg Yolk” Peach Custard Tarts, Nerdy Mamma

No egg here!  But how cute are these tarts?  So festive!

Dark Chocolate Beetroot Cake With Chocolate Ganache Frosting, Quite Good Food

Bunnies. Beets. Baskets. Easter’s as good an excuse as any for Office references, right? Beetroot cake might not be the sort of wording that will slip in undetected when your less accepting family members ask about it, but we’d bet a taste could change their mind!

Vegan Easter Lemon Cupcakes, Wallflower Kitchen

These cupcakes set out to be specifically Easter-y and they certainly succeed!

Fruity Egg Baskets, Elephantastic Vegan

How adorable are these? They’re similar to the tarts above, but use apricots instead of peaches, and have only three ingredients–quick, easy, and oh-so-cute!

Healthy No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter Nest Cookies, JoyFoodSunshine

I recently developed a peanut allergy (and I’m devastated!), but I’m sure I could substitute an alternative nut better to try out these adorable cookies!

What vegan Easter recipes will you be testing out for this year’s dinner?

Vegan Easter Recipes


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