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Vegan Easter Candy

Easter’s always held a strangely special place in my heart, and I’m lucky enough that my wonderful Mom will still throw together a basket for her grown adult daughter.  Of course, it’s a bit more difficult to find candy to add to this basket (there’s got to be some sort of candy in an Easter basket!) when the recipient is vegan, especially if you want to go beyond the “normal” vegan candy options.  With that in mind, I’ve thrown together some of the best options for vegan Easter candy–go forth and fill some eggs!

Some of these are Easter-y versions of treats you can enjoy year-round and a few are only offered seasonally.  And, in addition to some favourite products, I’ve included a few brands in the lineup with an array of vegan Easter candy offerings!

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Mini Easter Airheads Bars*

Airheads are a favourite of mind year-round and have been since childhood. You don’t need to be vegan to enjoy these, of course, and it doesn’t need to be Easter. But who doesn’t love an extra excuse to enjoy them?

Moo Free Chocolates

This brand was my go-to while I was living in the UK and I only recently learnt that it’s also available in select spots here in the States. I haven’t been able to pick any up for myself just yet, but I couldn’t be happier to have the possibility on the horizon!

Moo Free makes some Easter-themed chocolates, plus they have some “normal” goodies you can enjoy year-round.  I’m especially fond of the Mini Moos (particularly the bunnycomb–yum!!).  While I haven’t tried the Easter treats myself, the new sea salt & caramel egg sounds amazing!

Sea Salt & Caramel Egg

Rosie Rabbit Bar

Mini Moos Bunnycomb

Lindt Gold Bunny*

The dark chocolate version of this classic gilded Easter goodie is vegan-friendly!

Enjoy Life Foods

This brand is fantastic when it comes to being inclusive of various dietary concerns, and their vegan selections are no different!  Their rice milk chocolate bar is a personal favourite, but be sure to check out their cookies, chips, and other delicious snacks for some great Easter basket additions.

Jolly Rancher Easter Jelly Beans*

Jelly beans are an Easter must-have!  Gelatin sneaks into most brands, I’ve found, but not Jolly Ranchers’s.

Alexander Chocolate

I haven’t gotten to try these specialty chocolates by Alexander Seaton for myself as of this writing, but I’ve gotten to know his company pretty well as of late–we have an interview with him coming soon here on the blog!  His business is relatively new, but his mission and product ideas are amazing.  I’m so excited to have the chance to help spread the word!

His rose chocolate bar is the perfect springtime complement to an Easter basket, and the white chocolate option is uniquely perfect for any vegan!

Rose Chocolate Bar

Odelia White Chocolate Bar

Vegan Collection

Galerie Candy Speckled Eggs

I’m not sure if these are available this season, but they appeared on several lists of vegan Easter candy I came across,  so I’ve included them for good measure!  I’ll leave an update if I come across anything more.

Surf Sweets

Can you believe I’ve been vegan for more than half a decade now and still haven’t tried Surf Sweets? These candies get rave reviews, and they even have adorable bunny lollipops!

Sour Patch Bunnies*

Sure, regular everyday sour patch kids are vegan-friendly too, but the bunnies are extra cute and Easter-y!

Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks*

I have a love-hate relationship with Annie’s brand, mostly because my brain falsely assumes far more of their products are vegan than actually are. But what’s more seasonal than some vegan fruit-flavoured bunnies?

What are your favourite vegan Easter candies?  Will any of these make it into your basket this year? Or do you have a go-to that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

Vegan Easter Candy


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  1. RHYTHM 108 did some gorgeous vegan swiss chocolate truffle eggs (in little bags with each egg the size of a mini egg) this year. I’m not sure if they are only available in the UK – I’m a huge fan of the brand because they are lower in sugar than “normal” chocolate without sweeteners but their products are also vegan and gluten free. 100% recommend for yumminess!

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