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Travellers Guide to Bath

Last spring, I had the unbelievable opportunity to study and live in what became one of my favourite cities in the world, Bath, UK.  I can’t say enough about the amazing programme (check them out here!), the lovely people, and the wonderful city.  You can find countless guidebooks and even other blog posts telling you what you must see in Bath, but these are my suggestions.  Enjoy this guide to Bath!

Bath Abbey and Roman Baths

bath abbey

For starters, Bath Abbey is the most prominent feature of the Bath landscape.  Figure out where it is and you’ll be able to find your way back to the city centre (or follow the directions that stranger on Milsom Street gave you when you looked desperate).  Listen for the bells and you’ll know the time when your phone died.

More importantly, though less practical, the building is absolutely gorgeous.  Outside, you can’t find a bad angle to snap a photograph.  Inside, though, is where the real magic begins.

Admittedly, I’ve fallen love with every church I stumbled across in England.  But Bath Abbey was special, if only because it’s a part of my beloved city.  But, on top of that, the people are some of the sweetest you’ll ever meet.  I’m terrified of heights myself, but everyone who’s taken the Tower Tour recommends it without fail!

Bonus:  Check out St. John’s on (what else?) St. John’s Road, and St. Mary’s churchyard right next door!

The Jane Austen Centre and Regency Tea Room

Whether you check out the museum itself, grab some tea and cake upstairs, or are desperate to visit the gift shop, this is the ultimate stop for a Jane Austen fan.  Her time in Bath is one of the city’s favourite claims to fame, and the Centre is truly the centre of it all!

Pulteney Bridge & Pulteney Weir

river avon

My house was on one side of the river, while classes were on the other while I lived in Bath.  That means I got to cross Pulteney Bridge (and dodge the selfie-laden-tourists) daily.

Musical theatre fans may find this one strangely familiar…it’s the place of Javert’s suicide in the most recent adaptation of Les Mis!

Whether you’re hanging out just to people watch or admiring the sea gull’s antics, you’ll keep yourself entertained!

The Royal Crescent and Victoria Park

Just close enough to group together, these are some of the most iconic stops in the city.  Stop by the park to catch some sun or watch some dogs, then head over to the Crescent.  Fun fact:  Nic Cage bought a house in the Crescent, but removed the number so it wouldn’t be found…making him the owner of “the house with no number on it.” Not the sneakiest plan, to say the least!

The Green Rocket Cafe

green rocket brekky

There are truly not enough compliments in the universe to show how much I love The Green Rocket.  They’ve got the sweetest staff, the tastiest food (with vegan and gluten-free options galore!), and the best coffee.

Their stir-fry and onion rings were my personal favourites, and the vegan brekky if you’re there earlier in the day.  Be sure to save room for a piece of cake!

Runners up:

  • SouthGate
  • Gongfu Tea
  • Henrietta Park
  • The Boater

Travellers Guide to Bath

I cannot recommend a visit to Bath enough!


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