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Top Finance Apps to Manage Your Money

According to Time, Americans cumulatively checks their cell phones about 8 million times a day.   Why not use a few of those unlocks to check in on your finances?  Pick up a few of our top finance apps and make managing your money easier than ever.

From improving your credit and setting up a budget to saving and evaluating your spending, there’s an app for every aspect of money management–and a lot of them tackle several (if not all) of the tasks you could want! And they work for all sorts of financial situations–thanks to the seemingly endless customisations available in these apps, you can make them work if you’re living paycheck to paycheck or you’re already a millionaire (and if you’re a millionaire, we do have a ko-fi page!).

Why go digital? Not only are we as a society always on our phones, but digital money management couldn’t be easier. I’m normally a paper and pen girl, but I love these tools for their customisation options, personalised tips, and (mostly) seamless integration with my existing accounts!

These are my favourite applications for managing your money:


Created by Intuit, the makers of TurboTax, Mint will help you track your spending, set a budget, remember to pay your bills, AND check your credit score!  That’s one mighty little app.  You can make a free account with just a bit of information and get to managing your finances right away!


Say you’re out with your friends and you’re suddenly starving. But you forgot your wallet.  With any one of these apps, you can have your friend spot you for a slice of pizza and you can pay her back painlessly.  I use Paypal myself, largely because my paychecks are deposited there, but Circle and Venmo are both known to be good alternatives.

Banking applications

For me, this is my Santander and Capital One apps.  Through these, you can transfer funds between accounts (both within the individual bank and between them), check your balance, and even check for any “surprise” fees or charges.  Chances are, your bank has an app of its own!

Similarly, if you have a credit card account outside of banking (like a store card, for example), be sure to check if they have an app of their own.

Credit Sesame/Credit Karma

You might not want to think about it, but your credit score is kinda super very important.  Keep an eye on it with Credit Sesame and/or Credit Karma! They are both amazing tools.  They’ll even give you suggestions regarding how you can improve your score!

I started off using Credit Karma myself but quickly fell in love with Credit Sesame’s report card-style layout.  Nowadays, I use both of them to make sure I’m not missing a thing–and to make the most of all of their tips!


While not technically an app, Charlie is one of my favourite digital money management tools.  I mean, who can say no to a “money-saving prodigy penguin?”  Yes, penguin.  And he’s as cute as you can imagine.

I have Charlie hooked up to my Facebook messenger (be sure to follow us while you’re there!).  There, he messages me when I receive money (like this morning, when my paycheck was transferred!), when I have a bill coming up, or when he sees an opportunity for me to save money.  This one’s really open to your feedback, so Charlie the penguin learns about you and your financial situation and improves himself accordingly.


I actually have a whole post about my review of Qapital! This is my favourite tool for saving a little bit extra without too much effort.  They’re actually in the process of revamping their tools right now, so I’ll be sure to update you as I learn more about it!


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Have you tried any of our top finance apps to manage your money?  Do you have another one that you absolutely love?  Let us know in the comments!

Top Finance Apps to Manage Your Money


7 Replies to “Top Finance Apps to Manage Your Money”

  1. This is such a helpful post as I am one of the most forgetful people ever! And having something that tells me how much I have and where it needs to go would be incredibly helpful! Thank you for sharing 😊

    1. So glad it could help! These have definitely made my life so much easier, at least financially 🙂 I’ll be updating this post in the coming weeks with a few more suggestions, too, so stay tuned—hopefully there will be another app that can help you out!

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