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Tips for Gift-Giving

I’ve always considered myself to be pretty darn good at gift-giving.  I love putting extra thought into a present to make it as special as possible–because I probably think the recipient is pretty darn special.  That being said, today I’m sharing some of my favourite tips for gift-giving to inspire you this holiday season!

It’s the thought that counts

It’s a cliche for a reason!  A gift doesn’t need to be huge or expensive to mean a lot.  Not only does the very effort of giving a gift at all mean a lot, but putting some extra thought into it means even more.

Consider allergies

This is especially important if you might not know the recipient very well.  Your favourite fancy chocolate bar might be an awesome gift for most people, but it could create an awkward situation if the person you give it to has a dairy allergy (been there, done that).  A good rule of thumb:  if you don’t know that the person doesn’t have an allergy to something, avoid food items.

Look at gift guides

If your loved one has an interest or other unique quality that you don’t share, a gift guide could be a great help!  Even better?  We bloggers LOVE to make gift guides!  You can find everything from gift guides for bookworms to gift guides for people with chronic illnesses.  A quick Google/Pinterest search will bring you all the inspiration you could ever need!

We don’t have many gift guides on For the Sake of Good Taste just yet, but stay tuned!  

Consider gifting an experience

Some people really like stuff and that’s totally okay.  But for others, an experience like a spa day, trip, or dinner date could be the perfect gift!

Make the experience part of the gift

If you still want to get them a tangible something special, you could try incorporating an experience into the gift, like a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt (like Gabe from The Office (US), though hopefully a bit less . . . Gabe.).  Even just an extra fun sort of wrapping can be an all new experience!

Reference something from your relationship

Whether they mentioned their favourite snack one time and you took note or you know they loved watching that one movie with you that time, incorporate a memory into your gift!  They’ll be touched you remembered.  Don’t believe me?  Look to the teapot from The Office (US)–there are clearly excellent examples of gift-giving in this show; just don’t try to be extra-cool with a new iPod.

Start a new tradition

If this person is someone who’ll likely be in your life for a while, starting a new tradition can set you up for future gifts, too!  For example, my mom gets us a set of “Christmas jammies” each year that we wear on Christmas Eve each year.  At 23, they’re still one of my favourite parts of the holidays!

Creep a little

Now, I in no way promote stalking your recipient.  That’s the bad kind of creepy.  But looking out for little things like what kind of coffee they prefer or taking a quick scroll through their Facebook feed or Pinterest boards for inspiration is a better kind of “creepy” (I’ve always said you can get to know me best by looking through what I’ve pinned on Pinterest!).  Just don’t be genuinely creepy about it.

Pick something unique

One of my biggest anxiety-induced fears when giving gifts is that I’ll get something the person already has and doesn’t want to replace any time soon.  Unique or one-of-a-kind gifts are a great solution, if only because your loved one is less likely to have it already.

A sub-tip to consider:  refer back to our very first tip and remember that this person will probably love the gift anyway.

Make it personal

This goes both ways!  Make your gift especially unique by personalising it with the person’s name, monogram, or another distinguishing factor.  Or, make it personal from your end, like a DIY gift you’ve made just for them.

Enjoy giving the gift

I genuinely really enjoy giving gifts to the people I love, to the point that I’ll show up with one on a birthday or holiday and the person later says how bad they felt that they didn’t do the same for me (I’m working on it–but I also truly believe that giving a gift to them is gift enough for me!).

Personal anecdote aside, enjoying the gift-giving experience will truly make it a better experience for both of you!  Whatever the gift, it’s easy to tell when someone is proud of the gift they’re giving–and happy to be giving it.

Tips for Gift-Giving

What are your best tips for gift-giving?  Share in the comments!

Happy Blogmas


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