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Whether this is your first visit to For the Sake of Good Taste or you’ve read every post, there are likely a few things you don’t know about me!  That being said, here are a few:

1.  I was named after Dame Julie Andrews

We even have the same middle name, though the first is “close enough.”  I’m still bitter that they’re remaking Mary Poppins, but that’s a whole other story.

2. I love llamas.

Really, I love alpacas, but llamas are a close second and far easier to find on pretty much anything these days.

3.  One of my biggest pet peeves is extra-long bristles.

On my toothbrush.  On makeup brushes.  Lately, it seems like every time I pick up something with bristles, there’s that one that’s extra-long and extra-annoying.

4.  You know me now as a blogger, maybe as a writer, but did you know I had a wide range of “weird” jobs beforehand?

I’ve been a model, a performer (singer/ukulelist/ flautist–actually professionally!), a nanny, and a professional paranormal investigator, among other things!

5.  On the topic of writing:  you probably know I’ve written a poetry chapbook and that I write for Her Campus.  Did you know I’ve also dabbled in academia?

I recently had some work “published” by the College that I’m pretty darn proud of, titled “Neurasthenia, Robert Graves, and Poetic Therapy in the Great War.”  Graves is one of my favourite historical and literary figures and the topics of shell shock and poetry are both close to my heart. I’ve written more papers than I can count in my years of school, but this was the only one that not only turned out nearly as well as I’d imagined but that I truly enjoyed researching and writing.

Check out more of my writing on my personal website, if you’re interested!

6. I absolutely adore prosecco.

One of many adorations that began while living in England.  In fact, I currently have a bottle stored away, waiting for the right moment!  For more day-to-day, out in a bar and need alcohol to keep “peopling,” drinks, Captian and Coke is my go-to.

7.  I love a variety of movies, but I tend to lean toward romcoms.

Usually older films (from my all-time favourite, Breakfast at Tiffany’s to the later but still “old” Say Anything), but I’ve been known to enjoy newer movies, too!

8.  NYC is cursed.

I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but, with the exception of my immediate family, I can’t go to New York City with someone without them dropping out of my life within a few months (usually less!).  I’ve lost three relatively close friends within weeks of travelling to the city, for completely unrelated reasons.  As much as I love Tiffany’s, I refuse to share it with people I like anymore (future husband, you’re on your own).

9.  In high school, my nose was broken by a friend’s dog.

A big, goofy labrador was very excited to see me (if you know me, you know I was also pretty excited to see him).  He was a tad *too* excited, though, and his head collided with my nose.  I couldn’t wear glasses for a week or so while it healed, so school was fun, especially taking notes.  But he sent some flowers and an apology, so he was forgiven.  I’m still a tad wary around labs, though, much to my dog-loving dismay!

10. I edited a book prior to writing my own.

It’s still in the process of publication, so I can’t tell you too much, but it was definitely a great learning experience!

11.  For a long time, my history major was the focus of my career path.

I came to Gettysburg College solely for the Civil War minor and local ties.  My plan was to work on the battlefield, eventually becoming a Licensed Battlefield Guide.  My health had other plans, however, and I couldn’t physically do the job now.  But I rediscovered my love of writing in the process, so it’s okay!

12.  I’m in my fourth year of veganism.

Okay, you’ve probably caught on that I’m vegan, but did you know it’s been so long?  I recently discovered the concept of “veganniversaries” and I’m super sad that I haven’t been celebrating them.

13.  There’s a special place in my heart for “oldies, but goodies.”

When I was little, car rides with my grandparents were always to the tune of Frank Sinatra or Neil Sedaka.  More recently, one of my best friends shares my taste in 50s/60s music and we’ve spent countless hours listening to some of the best!

14.  That “woo woo” nonsense your Aunt Carol likes to dabble in?  I probably do too.

In most things, I’m logical and rational almost in excess.  But I’ve always been interested in “the unnatural” (see #4).  From healing crystals to tarot cards, I’ve probably tried it!

15.  I watch a variety of television shows, but there are a few that can’t be beaten.

I’m nearly caught up on Game of Thrones and Supernatural and love them both.  I’ve seen every episode of Bob’s Burgers and Gilmore Girls, most of them repeatedly.  But, there are a few shows that I’ve watched again and again and I’ve never gotten tired of.  Most notably, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and The Office (both the original and US versions)!

I hope you feel like you know a little more about me!  Is there anything else you’ve always wanted to know?  Shoot me a message or comment below!


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