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Things to Be Thankful For

I’ve been learning more about the Law of Attraction over the past few months and, the more I learned, the more I’ve focused on the importance of gratitude.  Of course, it’s even truer this time of year! This Thanksgiving (at least here in the States), it’s important to think of things beyond the delicious meal (still need ideas? Check out our picks for a Vegan Thanksgiving!).  Even on your worst days, there are always things to be thankful for.  Along the lines of our list of little things to make you happy, here are some of our top things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season:

The Essentials

Do you have the basics, food, water, shelter? Most likely, if you’re reading this. Not everyone is so lucky. So, yes: these are a few things to be thankful for.


Did your cat curl up in your lap? Did you see a cute dog on your way to work yesterday? Do you have a collection of baby pig photos saved to your Pinterest? Even if you haven’t got a pet of your own, you can be thankful for the others that brighten your day!

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Are you fortunate enough to have a loving family? That is a major thing to be thankful for. Do you have another support system that acts in place of a traditional family? A surrogate family is plenty to be thankful for.


Whether you’ve got dozens in your friend group or just a few best friends, you’ve probably got a few people that you’re especially thankful for.


Once again, if you’re reading this, you’ve got access to some sort of technology! Maybe you’re thankful for the convenience of your favourite streaming service. Do you love the ability to keep in touch with those friends and family we mentioned above over email, video chat, or social media? Or maybe you’re just really thankful for blogs like For the Sake of Good Taste?


Or tea. Or your favourite kind of water. Whatever drink you grab at the beginning of every day (or throughout the day, as I’m writing this on my fourth cup of coffee). Be thankful for it!

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The holiday season

For me, this starts with my birthday (did you read my list of life lessons to celebrate my 23rd) and Halloween and goes all the way through until Christmas, at which point I anxiously await Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter (only to count the days until October comes around again).  I’m thankful for the time I get to spend with friends and family, for the delicious holiday foods I get to enjoy, for the festive decorations, and yes, for the presents, of course!

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Your favourite outfit

Maybe it’s that one romper you know you look amazing in. Maybe it’s a gorgeous pair of shoes (like our favourite heels or these vegan high heels). It might be your lucky t-shirt.

Your bed

Your bed, your couch, that one chair…. Whatever your favourite, comfiest spot is, be thankful for it . . . then take a nap in it!


Your favourite song, album, or musical? That catchy song that always makes you smile or tap your foot to the beat? That’s something to be thankful for!

Keep an eye out for some of our favourite playlists coming to the blog in the new year!  

Your favourite book (and author!)

Fan of the Harry Potter series, maybe? Did a certain author get you through a difficult point in your life? Maybe you just really liked Mistakes Were Made (hey, a girl can dream!)? Whether you’ve read it a thousand times or you’re still cherishing that first read-through, take a moment to be thankful for your favourite book and the person who brought it into existence.


In the same vein as being thankful for your favourite book or author, be grateful for the ability to read them–and this post!


Even if you don’t get the best night’s sleep, it’s hard not to enjoy the fact that you get to sleep at all. Personally, I suffer from nightmares and painsomnia, so I’m especially thankful for sleep when I get it!

Your favourite fuzzy blanket

Or those comfy socks, or that cosy blanket scarf.  Whatever gives you that (literal) warm, fuzzy feeling.

Your best skills

What are you good at? Whatever it is, be thankful that you have that ability!  Can’t come up with one? Ask a friend or family member–they’re the best at seeing the good in us when we can’t.


I especially love this one for putting things in perspective on a bad mental health day. You’ve accomplished so much in your life – be thankful (and proud!)!


Is there a YouTube video that always cracks you up? A favourite joke? Be thankful for those little things that make you laugh!

Check out our favourite YouTube channels to add to your top picks!  


Not all memories are good, but you probably have a few that are particularly so! If you were conjuring a Patronus, what happy memory would you focus on? That’s something to be thankful for.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Things to Be Thankful For


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