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the good stuff hair care review

I received these products complimentary from the Influenster x the good stuff voxbox.  As always, all opinions expressed in this post are my entirely honest thoughts.  

I was recently fortunate enough to receive a voxbox from Influenster as part of a campaign with the good stuff!  As part of the campaign, I received two different products to test out and give my feedback on.

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About the good stuff

I hadn’t heard of this brand before working on this campaign, but I was pleasantly surprised.

From their website:

the good stuff is founded on the belief that there’s a better way to care for your hair, one that also respects the planet.”

Yes, please!

Not only did this brand look promising in terms of hair care, their environmental mission had me on board in an instant.  I’m slowly transitioning my beauty products to all cruelty-free/vegan products, so I was excited to try some of these products.

“Our bottles are 100% recycled & recyclable and we’re proud to be certified vegan by Vegan Action.”

The perfect match for this vegan!

If that hadn’t already caught my eye, the packaging definitely would have. The good stuff’s sharp black and white aesthetic is absolutely stunning!

My Review

In this voxbox, I got two products: the good stuff’s weightless protection mist* and frizz control oil*.

the good stuff

weightless protection mist*

I tried the weightless protection mist first.  I shared a brief look at this one on my Instagram stories (before a migraine & other issues pulled me away for a bit!), but I’m excited to share a bit more!

Before getting started, I read through the instructions and other information on the bottle (yes, I actually read the packaging!).  I was a little hesitant to skip my normal conditioner for a leave-in, first and foremost. I have really thick, rather long hair and even normal conditioners paired with a leave-in struggle to moisturise it adequately.  So, to skip it entirely in favour of just this product? Terrifying.

But, I stuck it out!  After shampooing my hair like normal and towel drying it for a bit, I sprayed in the weightless protection mist.  At this point, I was worried about putting enough in–I used the greater end of their recommended range and still felt like some of my hair wasn’t getting enough product.  But, for the first test run, I wanted to follow their instructions as much as possible.

The scent of the product was lovely and it sprayed beautifully, both of which are always bonuses with a new product.  I let my hair dry entirely and was absolutely thrilled with the results–my hair didn’t feel at all like I’d skipped my conditioner!

Instead, it was soft enough that I immediately went to ask my mom to feel just how soft it was (she agreed).  There were a few spots that definitely seemed a bit less soft, so I tried using a few spritzes more than recommended on take two and I couldn’t complain.

frizz control oil*

For my next trial run, I tested out the good stuff’s frizz control oil.  After a pretty great experience the first time around, I was so excited to test this out!  Plus, frizz is consistently one of my biggest issues when it comes to my hair.  So, a vegan product that promised to help had me hopeful.

Like with the mist, I was a bit concerned about skipping my normal conditioner, and I considered adding a few more pumps than recommended after doing so for the first product.  For the sake of my initial test, I did end up using the recommended amount (albeit the most possible) for my first try, but I did use a bit more with subsequent uses.

The oil is dispensed in a pump, rather than a spray bottle like the mist.  Personally, I definitely prefer the control that comes with using the pump to apply it directly with your hands, but I understand why the spray works better for their weightless protection mist.

Once again, I was pleased with my results.  My hair was call-mom-into-the-room soft yet again!  Plus, my frizz was largely tamed–not gone entirely (though I think this might just make an even greater difference as I use it more), but far from the Hermione Granger levels I’d started with.

My Overall Thoughts

After trying both the weightless protection mist* and the frizz control oil*, I tested out the two products together, using just enough of both to cover my hair as evenly as possible.  Of these trials, this was my absolute favourite.  Put together, the benefits of both products could really shine.  Immediately after application, I swore my hair looked significantly better, and that just improved as it dried.

Overall, I truly cannot recommend the good stuff and these two products enough!  From the company’s amazing standing in terms of the environment to my experience using this mist and oil, I’m absolutely thrilled with my experience and hope to try more of their products in the future.

Thank you again to Influenster and the good stuff for supplying these products! 

Has our review of the good stuff hair care convinced you to try it for yourself? Pick up the weightless protection mist* or frizz control oil* and let us know what you think

the good stuff hair care review


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