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The Best Ethical Gift Ideas for this Year’s Christmas

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With Christmas almost here, everyone is putting together their wish lists and what they’re planning on buying for their loved ones. It can be hard to come up with gift ideas for people, especially if you’re looking for someone who seems as if they have everything imaginable. But if you’re still pondering, think about using an ethical approach this holiday season to inspire your gift-giving. We all know how much the environment is in need of our support so why not use Christmas as the perfect time to do so. Keep reading on to find the best kind of ethical gifts you can give to your loved ones this Christmas.

Buy Organic

It’s no surprise that buying organic is the more ethical direction as organically made products are eco-conscious, don’t use any synthetic chemicals and only have the purest and safest ingredients included within them. Whether you’re thinking of gifting makeup, clothes, or food for Christmas, there are organic options available for all of those categories. It’s generally easy to find organically made products, as such will be stated on the label. If you’re thinking of getting a cute pair of pajamas, buy organically made pajamas from a company like People Tree. If you’re looking to get makeup for the makeup obsessed person in your life, look towards organic makeup companies such as Au Naturale, Vapour Beauty, and Lawless. Buying organically made gifts won’t only be the more eco-friendly choice but will also make your giftees feel better about what they’re applying onto their bodies.

Think Fair Trade

Buying fair trade makes a huge difference, not only potentially for the environment but also for the workers as well. The work that goes into these products are often sourced from more impoverished countries, buying fair trade products will go towards funding of their communities, which can help benefit schools, scholarships, etc. Fair trade products can come in all shapes and sizes but it’s helpful to do research on companies that are all fair trade such as ABLE, Accompany, and Ten Thousand Villages. All of these fair trade companies offer different things such as clothing, jewelry, and decor. Not only are they cute but knowing that you’re supporting so many others with your gift will make it all the more special.

Help Support an Eco-Friendly Mission

As many people already have everything they could dream of, why not go a different direction for Christmas and help your loved ones support an eco-friendly mission that can help make a difference for the Earth. If somebody you know is a huge lover of animals, offer to adopt an endangered species from the World Wildlife Fund in their name! It can be one of their favorite animals or one that is on the verge of extinction. If somebody you care for is a huge fashionista, consider buying them a gift card from online consignment store, thredUP. This way, they can find amazing clothes that are half the price and help reduce clothing waste! Or if you want to just help the environment in general and not a specific cause, donate to an eco-friendly charity in their name. Not only are these unique gift ideas for your loved ones but it will also make them feel amazing that they’re helping to support causes that can help to make a difference for the world.

Go The Upcycled Route

As upcycled products take things that are recyclable and turn them into fabulous products, finding upcycled gifts for your loved ones can be yet another great ethical direction to take. Upcycled products can truly take any form of home decor, jewelry, or even clothes. If you’ve always been one for crafts and DIY projects, think about taking some of your own old items or recyclables and turning them into fun upcycling projects. You’ll find through your search that there is no shortage of ideas possible. If you’re not one for crafts, think about finding upcycled products either online, potentially at arts and crafts festivals or local artistic shops within your area. This way, you’re not only helping to support local artists but you’re also buying gifts for people that creatively help reduce waste within the world.

What ethical gifts are you picking up this year?

Thank you again to thredUP for joining us here at For the Sake of Good Taste with this guest post!  Be sure to visit our festive archives for more holiday posts & gift ideas!

The Best Ethical Gift Ideas for this Year’s Christmas


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