Blogmas Roundup

Blogmas Roundup (Blogmas 2018, Day Twenty-Five)

If you’ve been following us through the past 25 days of Blogmas, you’ve seen an awful lot of Christmas-y content.  But, if you’re a Christmas enthusiast like so many, it’s likely still not enough!  That’s why I’ve put together our final Blogmas post for 2018–the 2018 Blogmas Roundup!


I’ve been keeping track of some of my favourite bloggers who’ve participated in Blogmas this year to prepare some of my favourite pieces.  You’ve now got double the posts to keep you entertained and in the Christmas spirit!

12 Days of Letter Writing with More Love Letters, Life with Faith

This is such an amazing idea that I hadn’t heard of before reading Faith’s post!  I love writing letters (I actually correspond with a few friends almost exclusively through letter writing!), so this was a perfect idea.

Unique Gift Guide, Leslie Leon

I think we all have that person who doesn’t fit into any neat category for a traditional gift guide.  This gift guide is full of unique gift ideas that could be perfect for that exact person!

Handmade Gifts – Cross-Stitched Bookmarks, Kay at Home

I haven’t done much of it in ages, but I used to love cross stitch!  Kay’s post might just have inspired me to pick up a new batch of supplies and try it again in the new year!

Christmas traditions, Insecure Housewife

I shared my own Christmas traditions this Blogmas, so it was so neat to see Sarah’s family’s traditions!

Dog Gift Ideas, Phigella

I may or may not buy more gifts for the furry/feathered/scaly friends in my life than for the real people.  Whoops?

50 Bookish Questions, Bookish and Bright

I loved reading through Alysha’s answers to these questions, and I may have to take her up on her open tag . . . stay tuned in 2019!

Top 5 Ways to Make Christmas Decorating Easier, Grap a Cuppa

This post has some excellent tips!  My personal favourite?  The all-important advice:  “Fairy lights make everything better!”

50 Things that Make Me Happy, The Longest Road to Walk

I’m all for celebrating the things that make you happy!

Check out our list of little things to make you happy! 

Christmas Party Look, SophaaRambles

This look is absolutely stunning and the perfect Christmas party look!

The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe: a Christmas treat, Novel Library

Can you believe that I majored in English, yet haven’t read this series?

The Festive Christmas Book Tag, Jenniely

I’ve been doing so much writing and reading as of late that book tags are especially thrilling!

Why A #FoodBankAdvent can help this Christmas, Broke Girl In The City

I’m a big believer in helping others as much as possible, and this is the season of giving, after all!

Blog Posts To Get You In The Mood For Christmas, twentysixotwo

A blog post in a list of blog posts which leads to more blog posts? Yes, please!

Favourite Books of Christmas, Bailey Leah

Remember way back at the beginning of Blogmas when I was looking for Christmas-y book/story recommendations?  This would have been perfect!  I’m definitely keeping this one on hand for next Christmas!

Why I Celebrate Christmas, A Rosie World

This was definitely one of the most unique Blogmas posts I’ve come across this year and I absolutely love it.  Such a lovely perspective on something I don’t think many people think much about!

Festive Pinterest and Instagram Board, Lifeofemmax

I didn’t realise how badly I needed this level of festivity in my life until I found this post!

6 Travel Ornaments, Girl on The Fly

These ornaments are so adorable!  Perfect for your favourite traveller!

How to Say Merry Christmas in the Different Languages, Wandering Waffles

This is another lovely piece that I haven’t seen elsewhere!

A Look at Blogmas Past, Repressing the Crazy

Another super unique post that I was excited to see–I love the idea of incorporating past Blogmas concepts in those to come!

Harry Potter Scenes I Wish Were In The Movies Part One, Charleigh Writes

I still can’t decide if I really consider Harry Potter to count as Christmas films, but I love this take on a Blogmas post!  We all have our favourite scenes that didn’t make the cut in the movies and it’s always neat to see what others think.

Check out some of my favourite holiday films!

Non-Traditional Christmas Desserts, Unseen Beauty

I love to see non-traditional takes on holiday celebrations!

Baking Christmas Dog Treats, The Little Wise Owl

Again, we can’t forget about our furry friends this Christmas!

Christmas Songs that Don’t Make Sense, The Girl In The Red Rubber Boots

This is such a cute post idea!  And there are some fantastic points regarding these songs, too.

Christmas Eve Wrapping, Some Pretty Thing

I came upon this sweet post just after finishing some last-minute wrapping on Christmas Eve, so it couldn’t have been more perfect!

Tips for Christmas Shopping, The Bookish Brunette

You can never have too many shopping tips!

Blogmas Roundup

Have you read any of the posts featured in our Blogmas roundup or was another one your favourite?  Be sure to let us know your top picks for Blogmas 2018!

Happy Blogmas

Vegan Christmas Recipes Roundup

Vegan Christmas Recipe Roundup (Blogmas 2018, Day Eleven)

In my experience, Christmas dinner is a lot less set-in-stone in terms of the menu than its Thanksgiving equivalent.  Still, there are quite a few foods that just scream “Christmas!” With that in mind, I’ve compiled some of the best vegan Christmas recipes I could find.

Some of our vegan Thanksgiving recipes could work for Christmas, too!

I haven’t tried them all for myself (yet!), but I’ve included recipes from reputable sources and with great reviews.

Cranberry & Thyme Vegan Cheese Ball, It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

I’ve had the worst luck, personally, with using cashews in “cheesy” recipes, but this cheese ball sounds absolutely amazing! I’ve yet to find one of Sam’s recipes that I didn’t love, though, so I’ll have to give this one a try one of these days.

Vegan Candy Cane Meringue Kisses, Wallflower Kitchen

Not only do these sound delicious, but they’re adorable, too!

Holiday Stuffed Squash, My Goodness Kitchen

This looks so incredibly festive!  I’ve eaten remarkably few squash dishes over the years, but this one seems ideal for Christmastime.

The Ultimate Vegan Yorkshire Puddings, HuffPost UK

Kala namak is frighteningly accurate when it comes to egg dishes, so I have no doubt that these Yorkshire puddings would be impressively close to the original–without the guilt!

Gingerbread Spice Vegan Pancakes, Wonky Wonderful

How amazing would these be for breakfast on Christmas morning?

Homemade Ferrero Rocher, Lazy Cat Kitchen

I used to love Ferrero Rocher!  These sound like an excellent vegan alternative.  They’d make a lovely gift, too!

Vegan Christmas Wreath, BBC Good Food

I’m really picky with tofu recipes, but this sounds delicious! Really, wrapping anything in dough will make it good, right?

Christmas Tofu Roast with Cornbread Crumble & Roasted “Punched” Potatoes; Cocoon Cooks

Again, I’m painfully picky when it comes to tofu.  But this roast looks so good that it’s another one I think I’ll need to try!

Simple Vegan Rose-Flavoured Turkish Delight, Yumsome

Turkish delight is delicious in general, but rose-flavoured Turkish delight? Yes, please!  If you’ve been around the blog a while, you’ll know–I love all things rose.

Mushroom, Lentil, and Nut Wellington, Tinned Tomatoes

Another case of dough approving everything? I’m not always a fan of mushrooms, but lentils and nuts are go-tos.

Vegan Pumpkin Pie Fudge, Simple Vegan Blog

I’m a fan of all things pumpkin, but especially from about October to January.  This pumpkin pie fudge sounds amazing!

Stuffed Seitan Roast with Quinoa Stuffing, Vegan Yack Attack

Needless to say, you won’t be stumped for main dishes for your vegan holiday dinner!

Vegan Gluten-Free Black Forest Trifle, The Foodie Dietitian Blog

Avocado is yet another thing that can make anything and everything better!  I’ve only had it in dessert form a few times, but this trifle looks like another wonderful example.

Homemade Candied Citrus Peels, The Cookie Writer

I’ve actually never had a candied citrus peel, but these sound so Christmas-y!

Chocolate Cranberry Christmas Mini Cakes, Nirvana Cakery

How beautiful are these mini cakes?  They’d add a beautiful touch to any Christmas spread.

Christmas Wreath Rolls, Holy Cow!

These are festive and adorably festive.  Plus, it’s rare I say no to some delicious-looking carbs!

Vegan Peppermint Bark, Food Faith Fitness

Peppermint bark was another childhood favourite, so this vegan version sounds wonderful!

Vegan Banana Eggnog Pancakes, Hello Veggie

I’ve never thought to combine banana and eggnog flavours, but now that it’s in my head? This sounds amazing!

Vegan Christmas Tempeh Ham, The Pea Basket

This one I’ve actually tried! This tempeh “ham” is my favourite recipe for Easter, so it would certainly be just as good for Christmas.

The Easiest Gluten Free & Vegan Fruit Cake, Southern in Law

Can you believe that in 23 years of life, I’ve never had fruitcake? This looks like a great recipe to try for my first time, and it also has no added sugar!

Vegan Holiday Burger, I Love Vegan

I have never before heard the adjective holiday used with a burger, but I’m absolutely intrigued by the concept! The recipe itself sounds amazing, too.

Vegan Cranberry Orange Scones,  The Mostly Vegan

Cranberry just screams the holiday season to me, and orange is the perfect complement.  These scones sound perfect for Christmas morning!

Vegan Gingerbread Bundt Cake, My Darling Vegan

This cake is made with a “spiced eggnog glaze” which might just be the single most delicious-sounding ingredient to ever exist.

Vegan Christmas Salad, Simple Vegan Blog

When I saw the title of this recipe, I said, out loud, “Yum!” When I saw the photos, I said it again, but louder!  The combination of ingredients in this salad is absolutely spot-on.

The Ultimate Vegan Christmas Pudding, A Virtual Vegan

Well, if it’s the ultimate pudding, it must be good!  Looking at this recipe, it really does sound fantastic!

Spiced and Sugared Cranberries, Olives for Dinner

I’ve said it previously–cranberries are the perfect holiday ingredient!  These look like a delicious way to include them in your celebrations.

Vegan Christmas Recipes Roundup

Have you tried any of these vegan Christmas recipes? Let us know your favourites in the comments!

Happy Blogmas