Chewy Review

Chewy Review: Why We Love!

When I first adopted Fitz, I was excited to try for the first time. I’d heard great things and knew it would be a simple, effective way to get all of his essentials quickly and easily. We haven’t looked back since! We get all of his goodies from Chewy, and even Uncle Cooper has gotten in on the fun! Naturally, this much enthusiasm calls for a Chewy review!

Both Fitz and Cooper love getting their monthly (if not more frequent!) shipments of treats, toys, and other goodies. Even if there were no other benefits, I would want to get them their monthly order just to see their excitement when it comes time to open that distinctive blue-labelled box.

Fitz - Chewy

What is Chewy? is an online retailer of pet products.  They’ve got all your favourite brands for all of your furry/feathered/scaled family members, from cat litter to fish food.

When your order is delivered, you receive a cardboard box with the clear Chewy labelling.  I’ve never seen proof that the boxes are specially scented, and it may just be from being packaged with so many other pet goods, but the pets always know when the box coming to the mailbox is for them!

What makes Chewy so great?

Great prices!

In my experience, most products are the same price as, if not cheaper than, the same products from “normal” stores!  From this alone, I’m usually saving money just by purchasing from Chewy.  Adding in an autoship discount (see below) makes it an absolute steal! If you’re trying to save money while still treating your “other” family members, Chewy is a great service to check out.

Additionally, I’ve found this to be a budget-friendly alternative to typical pet subscription boxes.  I’ve always wanted to get the pets their very own monthly box of goodies, but the price is a constant deterrent. With Chewy, I’m purchasing items that I’d need to buy for them anyway, but they’re still getting a special package!


You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to restock Fluffy’s favourite treats with autoship.  You can adjust it going forward, too, so it’s okay if you find you need to change your delivery frequency.  Certain items receive a discount when ordered by autoship, too!

For example, I keep Fitz’s dry food, most-used treats, and litter on autoship. I also add additional products, like other treats, catnip, and toys, every so often to mix it up a bit for him.

You can have more than one autoship, too! So if you know you’ll need food in a few weeks, litter in two months, and shampoo in three months, you can make each one an autoship of its own.

One more selling point for autoship? Chewy sends you a quick email a few days before your autoship to remind you that you’ve only got a short time to change anything or to reschedule your delivery. As long as you’re checking your inbox, you won’t forget about it.


Even if you don’t utilise the autoship feature, the sheer convenience of getting items brought to the door (big bags of food or litter, especially!) is a godsend.  Physically, lugging certain things like this through a standard brick-and-mortar store is difficult, if not impossible for me on most days. It’s significantly easier to bring it from the porch inside!

Additionally, Chewy makes for an excellent way to check out new items that might not be available in your local stores. Hear about a great new dog toy that Rover really needs to try? You’ll probably find it on, even if the nearest pet supply store doesn’t have it.

Amazing customer service

Personalised service is a major benefit, like personalised postcards for new users!  Little touches like this make an experience with a company like Chewy so much better.

And on the rare occasions I’ve had issues with an order, it’s been remedied almost instantaneously by Chewy’s amazing customer service. Plus, they offer a live support chat option—this sort of accessibility is so important, and so helpful!

Overall, I’ve truly had an amazing experience with Chewy so far, and that doesn’t seem to be changing! They’re consistently adding new products and new features to the site which just keeps making the Chewy experience even better.  Fitz and Cooper love their monthly autoship deliveries (and the “small pets” enjoy their occasional goodies)!

Cooper - Chewy

Thank you, Chewy, for making my pets (and their humans) very, very happy!

Thinking of trying yourself? Hopefully our Chewy review has given you some insight!

Chewy Review


Meet My New Kitten

Meet My New Kitten!

If you haven’t been keeping up on social media, I’ve had some major life changes as of late. I’ve moved into my new apartment, started my final year of undergrad, and, most importantly, adopted a precious little furbaby!  Of course, the only natural thing to do is to introduce the new kitten to you all.

Allow me to formally introducing Varjak Fitzgerald, informally known as Fitz!

Story Time:

As some of you know, my plan was to begin training a service dog this fall.  A friend of mine was helping me search through shelters for the perfect candidate when she found this little guy in our local Amazon’s parking lot.

fitz - baby

With a coating of asphalt and a cut on his lip, this little guy was in pretty poor shape.  Fortunately, our friend is a long-time animal lover and gave him some TLC.  Some time in the process, she messaged me:  “Want a kitten?”

“…I kinda want a kitten.”

And so began my journey toward adopting this little floof.

fitz - string

But Jules, you’re in school…?

Yes, yes I am.  And no, my school doesn’t allow pets.  However, in compliance with the ADA, it does allow emotional support animals (ESAs).  Unfamiliar with the idea?  Lauren from Lauren’s Journey has a great piece on them as compared to psychiatric service animals here (also, how cute are her rabbits?)!

Disclaimer:  I was already aware of my qualification for an ESA though I had not yet requested a formal prescription.  With a rise in fake “registries” across the internet and a popular life hack of getting your pet “registered” as an ESA to avoid pet deposits, all too many fake ESAs exist.  He has a prescription letter and is legally recognised both on campus and within the ESA community.  In short:  don’t fake an ESA, it makes the rest of us look bad.

With the sermon over, back to Fitz!

6 Things to Know about Fitz:

1.  His toys have names and backstories.

fitz - sweatshirt nap

The struggle of Mommy being a writer, I suppose.

2.  Speaking of, his own name is filled with meaning!

fitz - bedtime

Varjak is the name of the primary male character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (and, I later realised, another PLL reference) while Fitzgerald/Fitz covers a bit more ground:  F. Scott, JFK, characters from both Pretty Little Liars and Scandal, Fitz(william) Darcy… The list goes on and on!

3.  He’s been known to enjoy dog food.

fitz - dog food

When he first came home with my friend, he (understandably) didn’t want to eat.  Eventually, it was the dog’s wet food that coaxed him!  He lived with his “Aunt” for a while until his paperwork was completed and he could move into my apartment and had a tendency to try to steal dog food even after he’d switched to kitten food.

4.  In fact, he gets a bit confused in terms of not being a dog.

baby fitz with moxie

He loves tennis balls and tries to bark.  Perhaps I didn’t stray too far from my original plan after all!

5.  His favourite toys are his string, the Crinkle Fishes, and Mousie.

fitz and sushi crab

The Crinkle Fishes are Mr. Crinkle Fish, Crinkly Fishy, and Bob, respectfully. Note that he loves Mousie far more than her companion, Mousier.

6.  He’s extremely social.

fitz - planner

He absolutely loves to meet new people!  Like any baby, he gets tired and grumpy after too much attention, but he loves it while it lasts.

7.  Computers are his favourite things, followed by boxes and bags.

fitz - GOT

Despite his canine tendencies, he’s still a typical cat.

8.  He’s highly educated.

fitz - reading

While ESAs don’t have the public access rights of a service dog, one of my professors allowed me to bring him to class for a few days while we covered some particularly touchy material.  Fitz loved the adventure, and our classmates loved him!

9.  He loves kisses.

Fitz - recliner and squirrel

He will actively raise his face to mine for a kiss.  If he’s particularly adamant, he’ll even reach up with his paws to pull my face to his!

10.  He’s a good boy.

fitz- snuggle blankets

No explanation needed.

Meet My New Kitten

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