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How to Stay Organized in College

I’m super excited to welcome Carlee Hebert of In Carlee’s World to For the Sake of Good Taste!  I’ve loved getting to know Carlee a bit through planning this guest post and I’m thrilled to share her post on how to stay organized in college with you all here today. If you’ve been around the blog for a while, you know we love to bring some ideas about organisation to our readers, so this is the perfect fit! 

While I’m not going back to college this fall (and it’s honestly really starting to freak me out—more on that coming soon), I definitely use some of these in my “adult” life, too.

Ever felt like a hot mess? Yeah, we’ve all been there. And college life is basically the “hot mess” life. With classes, organizations, part-time jobs, friends, dates, football games, and everything else, you can easily become overwhelmed. But, with just a little organization, (almost) everything in life will fall perfectly into place!


Okay, so you’ve heard this literally EVERYWHERE. I know, I know, but it’s so important. As I’ve mentioned on my blog, I keep two planners: one for life stuff and one for school stuff. And, to organize even further, I color code everything. Whether your planner is online or on paper, it’s the best way to stay organized in your busy life!


For our next college organization tip, take a look at your syllabus (a.k.a. your saving grace during the semester)! There’s lots of important information in there like grading rubrics, attendance policy, and the extra credit policy. But, the most vital part for staying organized is the due dates!

Most syllabi will have a detailed calendar of the semester. I like to go through this calendar and write out each due date and test date. Before each week, I’ll glance over it again to be sure I’ve read or have planned to read all the right assignments. Spend just a few minutes with your trusty syllabus to get as organized as possible.


To step up on your organizational skills, use folders to neatly store all of your notes, essays, and other similar things. I do everything on my computer, so I use folders in Google Drive, but you can easily use physical folders if your class uses handouts. This is such a simple thing to do, but it makes me feel like I have my life together.

Don’t over commit yourself

I’ll be honest with you, this is something I’m still learning. I want to do everything I can so I say yes to every extra assignment, organization, and friend date. Once it comes time to do it all, I’m regretting spreading myself so thin! Learn your limits and figure out how much time you really have each day. Do what’s best for you to be a successful and organized boss!

Carlee - In Carlee's World

Thanks again to Carlee for sharing her tips on how to stay organized in college! Be sure to check her out at In Carlee’s World and on social media: 

How to Stay Organized in College


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