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Statement Made Jewellery

The products featured in this post were gifted to me by Statement Made Jewellery.  As always, this post reflects only my honest opinions of the product and brand. 

Statement Made Jewellery* recently posted on Twitter that they were looking for bloggers to work with their brand.  I’d browsed their site* a while ago and knew I liked some of their pieces already, so I reached out!

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A few weeks passed and I’d almost forgotten about the connection I’d made…until my mom asked me if I was awaiting a package from England.  I have friends back “home,” so it wasn’t a far-fetched concept at all, but no one had mentioned sending anything my way.  But when she specified it was a package with jewellery, I knew just what it was!  I don’t often rush downstairs, but this was reason enough to do just that.

I opened the package and was immediately struck by the beautiful packaging.  With a note, a certificate, a scratch-off coupon, and a jewellery bag tied with a ribbon, all packed safely in an envelope, it was immediately clear that Statement Made cares about the products they ship out and the customers who receive them.

statement made - packaging

When I’d initially reached out, Statement Made had asked for my birth month.  I forgot about that detail, too, until I pulled out the beautiful necklace they sent me.

The golden unicorn pendant (on a matching gold chain) is accompanied by a single pink stone.  My October birthday means one of my birthstones (the most common one I’ve found in jewellery especially) is pink tourmaline. This little detail made such a difference–the extra bit of personalisation is such a lovely touch.  Plus, this fit in especially well with their lovely aesthetic overall as a brand.

The unicorn itself is a bit larger than I’d usually wear, but I can say with full honesty that I don’t really mind.  The piece is beautifully made!

statement made jewellery - unicorn

An extra special touch for me, which they had no way of knowing, was a bit of personal symbolism.

Growing up, one of my favourite ways to bond with my grandmother was reading.  She’d often recommend some of her favourite titles and authors, and Phyllis Whitney’s The Golden Unicorn was one of these. It’s been years since I last read the book, but I couldn’t resist a few snapshots of the two together.  And I know I’ll have to read it again soon after this burst of inspiration!


I’ve only worn my golden unicorn a few times so far, and primarily around the house (perks of working from home). But so far, I absolutely love it!

Each time I wear this necklace, I try to remember to wipe it off. That way, none of the oils from my skin affect it. You can find some detailed descriptions on Love and Care on the Statement Made site.

If you’re interested in picking up a golden unicorn for yourself, or in checking out the rest of Statement Made Jewellery (there are so, so many gorgeous pieces!), head to their website* and place an order. I promise you that you won’t be sorry!

Statement Made Jewellery


2 Replies to “Statement Made Jewellery”

  1. How lovely. The unicorn is beautiful. I love it when you get jewelery that has the extra special touches like the bag and instructions for care. The birthstone is such a great touch. I’m glad you liked the necklace. It’s lovely. Raheela

    1. They truly do a lovely job–and you’re right, the extra care and the birthstone are both such wonderful little touches!

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