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Spoonie Stocking Stuffers

While many of these items could be used in anyone’s stocking, I wanted to create a list of spoonie stocking stuffers others who live with chronic illnesses.  These small gifts could make a huge difference in the life of your loved one!

Read more about the spoon theory here.

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Lip balm

I’m absolutely lost without a lip balm on hand.  Not only is it a soothing product in general, but it makes a big difference with anxiety, for me.

Try Eco Lips 3-Pack*


Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to cook a legitimate meal.  A healthy snack is a great way to make sure I’m still getting the necessary nutrients!

Try Rob’s Variety Pack (Gluten-Free & Vegan)*

Essential oils

They’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but if your loved one would appreciate some essential oils, the would make a great stocking stuffer!

Try this ECO best-selling trio*

Gift cards

This one’s not only fairly easy, but it’s incredibly versatile! Whether it’s for Amazon, their favourite coffee shop, or a well-deserved massage, you could go so many routes with this gift.

Try this Amazon Holiday gift card*


This doesn’t need to be something fancy, but a piece of jewellery that they can wear to feel close to you is a great gift!  I have a few pieces of jewellery that I’ve received from friends and family over the years that instantly remind me that they care.

Try this personalized name necklace*


Bonus points if it’s a tea they particularly like or one that will especially help them with a symptom.  I’m a fan of Yogi’s teas for the latter.

Try this Yogi tea sampler pack*


I got my current pop socket while working with Her Campus and it’s seriously been a lifesaver.  I can’t tell you how many times I would have dropped my phone (or wouldn’t have been able to use it) without the pop socket holding it up!

Try this black marble PopSocket*

Puzzle books

I find sudoku, crosswords, or word searches to be especially nice!  They serve as an excellent distraction from pain or other symptoms while not wearing me out in the process.

Try this variety puzzle book*

Muscle rub

A muscle rub or other sort of pain relief cream is a welcome addition to most spoonies’ arsenals.  Just be sure that they aren’t allergic to an ingredient!

Try this Icy Hot cream*


Sometimes blocking out the world is a necessity.  Headphones or earbuds are a great way to do just that!

Try these Bose SoundLink*

Fuzzy socks

My feet are almost always cold (as I write this, I’m wearing fuzzy socks under an electric blanket and my toes still aren’t quite warm!), so I can’t have enough fuzzy socks, especially in the winter.  But they’re also just a great comfort!

Try this 6-pack*


When I’m up all night from nightmares or painsomnia, coffee is a must-have.  Because of this, I like to keep a good coffee on hand!

Try this from Seattle’s Best*


When my symptoms flare up but I still need to be a person, scarves become my best friend.  In the wintertime, cosy blanket scarves are perfect, but lighter scarves can work year-round!

Try this plaid blanket scarf*

Eye mask

Not only are these wonderful gifts for anyone who just wants a good night’s sleep, but you can also get versions that are infused with calming oils or that can be heated or cooled for ultimate soothing ability.

Try this 3 pack*

Cooling/heating products

Ice packs, a microwavable plush, a heating pad. . . there are countless options available to help your loved one to be more comfortable.

Try this reusable hot/cold pack*


Lotion can help as a comforting item and to soothe the skin.  Just be careful or any sensitivities to scents or ingredients!

Try this from The Lotion Company*


This is especially good if you’ve already got the coffee and/or tea from earlier in the list! Still, even on its own, I will never turn down a nice mug.

Try this gorgeous marble mug*

Craft supplies

Whether it’s some new tools for my bullet journal or something like a new embroidery set, craft supplies are another great pastime–and an effective distraction from troublesome symptoms.

Try this watercolour paint set*

Handheld games

I recently found my old Nintendo DS and have been reminiscing over Nintendogs and Zoo Tycoon 2.  Games like this are a great distraction, and a pretty easy stocking stuffer if your recipient has a gaming system already.  Plus, they can work in bed or on the go!

Try this tiny retro-style game*

Fidget toy

Teenagers may have over-popularised fidget spinners and their counterparts, but these tools really do have benefits.  I like fidget cubes and Tangle toys, myself, but there are so many options!

Try this 3-pack of TANGLE toys*

Water bottle

Are you at all surprised that I consider hydration to be crucial? A water bottle with a built-in filter makes it even easier to stay hydrated.

Try this one, with time markers*


This would be especially great with the extra-long cords you can buy!  When I’m stuck in bed, my phone and other electronics keep me at least somewhat connected to the outside world.  With an extra-long phone charger, it’s even easier to stay connected!

Try this 10-foot iPhone cord*

Pill organiser

If your loved one takes any kind of medication for their chronic illness, a new pill organiser could be a welcome gift!

Try this twice-a-day daily pill organiser*

Prints or photos

If your recipient is often stuck in bed or on the couch, a nice print or some beloved photos can be a wonderful touch to brighten their worst sick days!

Try this upcycled dictionary art print*

Spoonie Stocking Stuffers

Are you buying any of these spoonie stocking stuffers this year?

Happy Blogmas


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