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Small Businesses to Buy From

I love shopping with Prime shipping and from other mass retailers as much as the next person, but nothing beats supporting a small shop.  Especially since I started blogging as a business, I have so much respect for small business owners.  I’ve compiled a few of the countless options out there to share some small businesses to buy from this season.  Remember:  you’ll make someone’s day by buying from them!

Note:  be sure to consider timing if you plan to use anything from these shops for gifts–just because it might not be delivered by Christmas, doesn’t mean you can’t support these shops just because (or for any other time of year!).  


I connected with Emma on Twitter a while back and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with her vegan designs!  Her vegan tarot design is a personal favourite, but she has a whole array of styles!

Pastel Elixir

Ellis’ illustrations are absolutely adorable!  From mugs to cards and everything in between, there’s bound to be something here for nearly everyone on your wishlist.


I only came across Zoe’s store while researching this piece, but I was absolutely blown away at just a glance!  Her Greatest Showman designs caught my eye immediately.

Ethnic Bling

Maithili makes “beautiful ethnic, casual and statement jewelry” and beautiful almost feels like an understatement for these pieces!  This eye-catching jewellery is absolutely stunning.

Jessi Eoin

Jessi’s designs are gorgeous and the inclusivity & support they provide for the disabled community is priceless.

Kernow Claire

Claire’s lavender bags and hot water bottle covers caught my eye as a spoonie, but she has so many lovely products!

Mystical Memories

Mystical Memories is another new-to-me shop, but the items look absolutely fantastic and the prices are wonderful!

Annie Segarra

Annie’s “The Future Is Accessible” shirts are fantastic and support a great cause.

Beautiful and Healthy You

My friend Jade of Just Jade pointed me to BNHYou.  Dee is launching new health-related items, starting with a salad creator!

Taylor Wolfe

If you follow us on Instagram (and you should!), you may have seen us share some of Taylor’s products in our stories.  I’ve been following her shop and blog for a while now and I’m completely in love!   Plus, $1 from every dog or cat tee she sells goes to a shelter!

Vegan Bunny

Vegan Bunny sells natural, vegan candles–and they won Best Vegan Candle of the Year in PETA UK’s Vegan Homeware Awards!  I’m hoping to try their lavender and rose blossom scents, myself.


Silly Daddy Chronicles introduced me to this brand, a one-woman show!  Spacemasks seem like a great idea–self-heating eye masks!

Niyanta Shah Creations

The lovely Natalie brought this brand and the next two to my attention!  Niyanta Shah Creations features a variety of gorgeous handmade jewellery and accessories.

AUM Candles

AUM Candles are “soy wax vegan crystal candles hand made with love & reiki healing.” I love how they’ve incorporated crystals into their products!

Nordic Muse

Nordic Muse offers everything from jewellery to homeware in a gorgeous Scandinavian style!  Not going to lie to you guys–I’m tempted to outfit my entire life with items from this shop!


EKO is “a planet and family friendly online store” with a huge array of lovely products that are good for the earth and for gifts!  They’re sustainable, ethical, plastic-free, vegan . . . you can’t go wrong!

Eden Perfumes

Eden Perfumes offers a variety of vegan perfumes and aftershaves in a multitude of scents!  They even offer a refill service to reuse the bottles–why don’t all companies offer this?

A Rosie Life

Just scrolling through Rosie’s shop makes me smile–all of her products are so cheery!

Puppity Mamas

Puppity Mamas is run by a wife & wife team of service dog owners who saw the need for custom dog clothing that actually fits individual dogs. I’ve never seen such wonderfully unique dog clothes and I love it!

Small Businesses to Buy From

Will you be purchasing from these or other small businesses this season?

Happy Blogmas


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