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Rules of Organising

Organising your home or life is overwhelming, especially at a big-picture level.  Here are our top rules of organising to get you started!

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Get everyone on board

If your significant other, parents or sibling, kids, or even your dog keeps messing up your organisation tactics, you’re going to have a much harder time maintaining it.  Explain what you’re organising, how you’re organising it, and, most importantly, why you’re organising it.  They might not totally understand your mission, but they’re bound to be more supportive if they know it’s important to you.  They may even help you organise!

Action steps:  Sit down and decide why you’re organising.  Prepare an explanation for friends or family.  You certainly don’t need to “explain yourself,” but letting your loved ones know why will help avoid conflict or difficulties.

Lower your expectations

Now, I’m not telling you to assume you’ll fail miserably at organising.  But, be realistic.  You aren’t going to organise your entire life or every room of your home overnight.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  You’re going to run into obstacles.  There will days during which you don’t want to work at it.  Clutter will appear.  You’ll get past it.  

Action steps:  Prepare!  Make your organisation game plan.  Imagine your perfectly organised life.  Then, set down realistic steps to get as close to it as is reasonable.  The key here? Realistic and reasonable.

A place for everything and everything in its place

This is cliché for a reason!  If you can’t find your keys most mornings, giving them a “home” will save you all that time and energy before you head out.

Action steps:  Decide which items most need a home of their own.  Then, assign them to their place!

Categories are King

When you’re in the process of organising, sort your items into categories.  Start with broad categories:  health/beauty, electronics, office supplies, etc. Then sort within those categories:  makeup can be sorted by type, like lipsticks, mascara, and powders, for example.  Once you’ve organised, keep like categories together to streamline its functionality!

Action steps:  Start preparing your categories.  Gather like items together, then divide those into subcategories as you organise!

Organise before purchasing

I am very aware of how great the various organisational tools on the market today are (check out Blogmas Day 12 for some favourites!), but hold off on a lot of those purchases until you’ve started.  Something like The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up* is fine, as it helps you with the real organisation.  But storage containers and the like can wait.  Who knows—you may even unearth exactly what you need in the process!

Action steps:  Feel free to browse some of the cool organisational items, but don’t use your perusal to procrastinate on the process or risk buying something you won’t end up using!

There really are no rules

Yes, I know this post is a list of rules for organising.  But, at the end of the day, few of these “commandments” will work for every single person in every single situation.  Cater your organisational process to you and you’ll be so much better off.  It may take some trial and error, but when you’ve found what works, you can stick with it!

Action steps:  Get started!

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Rules of Organising


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