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Pura Vida Bracelets

A few years ago, I stumbled across Pura Vida bracelets and absolutely fell in love with the simplicity and their mission. I purchased far too many far too quickly (in fact, I’ve got at least two that I can no longer identify by name or charity!), but I still wear them frequently! They add the perfect touch to an outfit while supporting an amazing cause–one which you can’t help but keep in mind with a colourful reminder on your wrist.

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Recently, I was super excited to become a Pura Vida affiliate! By sharing this brand that I know and love with you here on the blog and through social media, I’m able to get a small affiliate commission if you make a purchase using my affiliate link.

About the brand:

Pura Vida started after its founders, Griffin and Paul, took a trip to Costa Rica in 2010.

From their website*:

One day, after catching some waves…they came across two artisans named Jorge and Joaquin, whose colorful string bracelets captured the simple beauty of Costa Rica. Sadly, Jorge and Joaquin were struggling to survive on their artisan wages, living with their family in a single room with three beds. Desperate to find some way to help, Griffin and Paul asked the artisans to make 400 bracelets to take home with them. And that’s when the fun really began…

Since then, Pura Vida has grown to an international level!  Even as they expand into rings, pins, and other products, Pura Vida bracelets are still my favourite–particularly, their charity line, featuring “bracelets and stacks that give back to special causes you care about.”

A majority of my own Pura Vida bracelets come from their charity collections. Nevertheless, the bracelets are beautiful and I know I purchased them to support a good cause–both Pura Vida itself and the bracelet’s specific charity–so I try to incorporate them all regularly.

If there’s a cause you support, there’s a very good chance that Pura Vida has a bracelet for it!  They even offer customised bracelets* that let you run a fundraiser of your own!

Some of my favourite charity bracelets:

Anxiety Disorder Awareness*

Migraine Research Foundation (no longer available)

Adoption Awareness*

Fibromyalgia Awareness (no longer available)

Suicide Prevention Awareness*

Vegan Outreach (no longer available)

Billion Baby Turtles*

My Wishlist

Now, it’s been a few years now since I’ve added to my collection. Of course there are more I hope to order!  Here are a few of the charity bracelets that I haven’t got for myself just yet, but would love to (and plan to as soon as I can justify a splurge!):

Manatee Conservation Awareness*

Sexual Assault Awareness*

Parkinson’s Disease Awareness*

Baby Loss Awareness*

LGBT Pride Awareness*

Diabetes Awareness*

While bracelets are the origin (and my favourite part!) of Pura Vida, they’ve expanded the company to include lots more. They’ve got other sorts of other jewellery and accessories like stickers*, patches*, and, most recently, pins*! Plus, they’ve got some other adorable pieces, like clutches*, a journal*, or even a hoodie*!

Have you ordered any Pura Vida bracelets, whether from their charity collection or other lines? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Pura Vida Bracelets


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