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Productivity Tools

Whether you’re managing extracurriculars and classes, work and PTO meetings, or any combination of events, staying productive can be a monumental task.  Thankfully, there are plenty of productivity tools to make it easier!

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Planner or Bullet Journal

Check out our introduction to bullet journaling here if you’re unfamiliar!  If pen-and-paper is your forte, then these are the ideal tools for you.  Colour-code your various events (I love Papermate InkJoy pens* for this!) and, most importantly, be sure you check it!

Google or Microsoft account

I’ve used Google forever but I’ve used Microsoft more and more as of late.  Both have so many uses beyond email!  From Google/OneDrive to Forms and Calendars, they’re a productivity goldmine.


I have tried seemingly infinite project management systems, but Trello is unquestionably my favourite and the one I’ve stuck with the longest.  There should be a whole post up on its magnificence soon, so stay tuned!

Check out our Trello review!


As an iPhone user, I use the reminders app, but there are plenty or alternatives for list-making—you can even use Trello for many of them!  If you want to be reminded of something that doesn’t belong on your calendar, a to-do list app is perfect.


If This Than That is perfect for anyone who wants to automate more of their life—looking at you, my fellow bloggers! Want to save your Facebook photos to Google Drive?  There’s a recipe for that.


Confession:  I’ve never been able to fully convert to Evernote.  But, those who are fans are some of the strongest proponents of a program that I’ve ever seen!  That being said, it’s worth a try—if it works for you, it seems that it will really work for you!

Personal Assistant

If you have a smartphone, you likely have Siri, OK Google, or Cortana built-in.  The same goes for laptops.  You can even buy a device like the Amazon Echo (I just got the Echo Dot for Christmas and I’m in love!) or Google Home to do the same (and, many times, even more!).  Say goodbye to the days of realising you’re out of chilli powder and Dijon while cooking, then forgetting about it the moment you get to the store. Alexa, add cauliflower to my shopping list.  You just have to remember to open the app when you arrive!


Buffer is my go-to tool for scheduling social media.  Whether you’re a blogger like myself or just don’t want to spam your Facebook friends with half a dozen new photo albums at once, it’s ideal!  Hootsuite is a good alternative, too.

Which of these productivity tools have you tried?


Productivity Tools


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