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Productive Things to Do

When you’re busy busy busy, it’s difficult to find time for keeping yourself sane.  By making the most of those few spare moments—waiting for the oven to heat or the shower to heat up—you can make a huge difference!  Check out our favourite productive things to do with a few extra minutes:

Check your email

If you have three thousand unread emails, you might need a bit more time to get through them all.  But if you have fewer, or if you just make a dent in them, it will make a difference!  Maybe you know you have lots of emails from H&M, for example.  Go through and delete them!  Even just one type of email (like one of Gmail’s filtered sections) will help.

Or, you can reply to emails, if you’re caught up on deleting.  I’m guilty of getting pulled away from my email after opening and forgetting to reply for a while.  These short-term spurts of emailing help!

Read something

Pick up that book you’ve put off for months and read a chapter (or a few poems, if you’d rather read something like Mistakes Were Made).  Check out the homepage of your favourite news site.  Read a blog (may we suggest For the Sake of Good Taste or one of our favourite blogs?).

Write something

Make something for others to read!  Whether you start scribbling poems, blogging, or journaling (even just for yourself), just write!  Grab a notebook or open a Word document and put those thoughts on the page.

Update your planner

Have an event or assignment that you haven’t yet added to your calendar, planner, bullet journal, or to do list? Do it now!  Or, just peruse what you’ve already filled in.  Your planner can’t help you if you don’t look it over!

Tidy up

Check out our list of quick and easy things to organise now for inspiration! Just pick a spot and get tidying.  A few minutes will make more of a difference than you expect!

Go for a walk

Even pacing around the room can help!  It doesn’t take much to get some extra steps in. My Fitbit reminds me each hour to walk if I haven’t hit 250 steps in that hour. You could set a reminder on your phone, if you’d rather!

Reply to text messages

I’m generally pretty good about answering text messages, but I know I’m not in the majority.  Double-check your messages to make sure you replied to John about your plans Friday night and told your mom you’re still alive.


Every minute counts!  I love the short guided meditations on 10% Happier for just these moments.  If you aren’t sold on meditating yet (I recommend giving the app a try even if you aren’t fully convinced—it may surprise you!), take a few deep breaths.

Drink a glass of water

You probably need it!  Check out our tips for drinking more water if you really want to avoid that nasty dehydration.

Delete apps from your phone

There’s a good chance you have some apps ready to delete:  that mindless game that you find yourself opening out of habit or the piece you downloaded and never opened again.  Delete them!  While you’re at it, you can organise them too.

Tidy up your to do list

If you don’t already have a to do list, set it up!  Whether you write it in your bullet journal, in an app like Trello, or on a piece of scrap paper is up to you. All that matters is that you get it out of your brain, which is much more likely to forget to feed the fish than that piece of paper is.  Just be sure you don’t lose your list!

Drink some tea

I’m a firm believer that tea can solve most of the world’s problems.

Run the vacuum

Or sweep if you prefer.  Wipe down the counter tops.  Make your bed.  Clean something.  Anything.


You don’t need a three-hour workout to reap some of the benefits!  Try 7-Minute Workout or do some jumping jacks/crunches/push ups if your time is more limited.


Even if you aren’t a student—be a lifelong learner.  Pick up a new skill!  Check out sites like Coursera for online classes—free or paid—and stay tuned for our upcoming veganism course if you’re interested (make sure you’re signed up for email updates!)! You can even pick up a lot of skills/subjects on YouTube!

Try a new recipe

We’re rather partial to our own recipes, but there are literally endless recipes online!  Head to Pinterest or open up that good ol’ cookbook and get cooking.

What are your favourite productive things to do with a few extra minutes?


Productive Things to Do

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