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Overlooked Places to Organise

Moving into the new year, organisation is more important than ever.  For so many people, the new year is a new start (“new year, new you” is a cliché for a reason).  That being said, whether you’ve been slowly organising your entire life or you’ve been waiting for a sign, here’s your chance to dive right in with some of the most overlooked places to organise today.

Office Supplies

This one is especially important for those of you who’ll be returning to school soon (heading back to school and a little short on supplies? Check out our top office supplies for college students for inspiration!).  Even if you aren’t in school, you likely have some office supplies lying around (especially if you’re a stationery addict like myself!).  Whether you’ve got bullet journal supplies, stray pencils and paperclips, or even your son/daughter’s bookbag to declutter, now’s the perfect time to get it done!


Confession:  I still prefer hard copies of photographs hands down to digital.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got my share of Instagram posts and Facebook albums and I’m a strong proponent of Google Photos being the best thing to come to smartphones since ever.  But there’s just something about flipping through a photo album…. Both kinds, though, are probably in need of some organisation!  Sort through your prints and add them to an album(s) or scan them and file the hard copies away if you’d rather.  Go through your digital photos and delete those sixteen blurry selfies.  It’ll make your life infinitely easier when it comes to finding a certain shot!

Digital Files

While you’re organising your digital photos, why not go through your files, too? Is your desktop covered in images you’ve drug from the browser?  Are your downloads innumerable?  Take a few minutes and delete junk files, then put the important ones into some happy little folders, in whatever method works for you.  Don’t forget your flash drives!  Before you revel in your newfound digital organisation, be sure you empty your recycling bin, too!


If you’ve been following along with our 12 Days of Blogmas, you’ll have already gotten rid of the expired spices that have cluttered up your spice cabinet.  If not, here’s your chance!  Then, sort through them.  I know I have dozens of various spices—take a moment to put them in an order that makes sense to you, or at least neatly on your shelf or rack.

Phone Applications

How many apps do you have on your phone?  I’m a bit over-zealous when it comes to organising my phone apps—I have them in alphabetised folders!  Now, you’re under no obligation to go to that extent.  But, you can organise them!  Delete the apps you don’t use and you might even stop those “Storage is full” messages for a while.

Seasonal Decorations

If you haven’t taken down these holiday decorations yet, don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to stop the cheer prematurely!  But chances are you have some decorations lying around from other holidays or seasons.  Take a few moments to get rid of those that are broken or worn beyond recognition.


I’m guilty of having far more books than I can read in my lifetime, much less fit on my shelves.  Now is a prime opportunity to sort through them!  That one book that you started and couldn’t make yourself suffer through another chapter of?  Donate it.  That series you got as a white elephant gift and have no interest in reading? Donate it.  Then, sort your books!  Whether you’d rather organise them by size, colour, or author, your shelves (and your sanity!) will thank you.

What other overlooked places could you organise today?

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Overlooked Places to Organise


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