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As absurd as it may sound, especially to current students, I sincerely miss going back to school each year. I still make it a point to browse the school supply sales and pick up a few, for blogging and writing especially. But there’s just something about the promise of a brand-new year—and all the learning that comes with it—that you really can’t find in “adult” life.  But you can get close to it by learning something new through online classes!

I take a ridiculous number of online classes, and almost exclusively free online classes.  In many cases, you can “upgrade” to receive a certificate, but you can take the course (or access nearly all of the materials) for free! Some of my favourite spots for online courses? Read on!

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I started taking classes with Coursera all the way back in high school! This is one of those options that will often have the option to audit a course completely for free.  You won’t be able to access a few assignments or assessments, and you won’t get a certificate when you’ve finished. But if you’re looking to learn new skills, whether to become a better job candidate, improve your promotion odds, or just for fun (like me!), do you really need that?  You can learn about everything from machine learning to personal development!

My favourites & wishlist:


FutureLearn offers so, so many free classes! Unlike Coursera, free access to the course limits the time for which you can access it. If you’re looking for the sort of routine of a traditional classroom, and you know you can stay on-track, this can be an amazing opportunity!  Or, you can upgrade for unlimited access.

My favourites & wishlist:


I’ve known about Skillshare for ages, but I only began to check it out within the past few weeks!  I’ve recently been publishing some photography and wanted to both improve my skills with my iPhone (my “main” camera) and learn more about the DSLR my grandfather’s lent me.

I was missing out on so many amazing free classes!  From cooking to game design, you can learn a wide array of skills, without paying tuition fees.

My favourites & wishlist:


This is one I haven’t really dived into just yet! But edX offers free online courses from Harvard (and MIT).  You might not be able to call yourself a Harvard alum, but this brings you pretty darn close!

My favourites & wishlist:

Online classes directly from the experts

So many amazing bloggers, coaches, and other experts offer a wide variety of courses and classes for so many different niches—even courses by bloggers on blogging!  We’re even working on a future course here at For the Sake of Good Taste to help you launch a vegan lifestyle.

These are often available at a cost (and, if you’re able, I highly recommend supporting your favourite bloggers!). But many, many bloggers offer free workshops and masterclasses.  Many times, these are a sort of stepping stone to a paid course, and the last few minutes will often be a short sales pitch for the paid class.  But these free courses still let you learn from that expert and maybe even get a couple of freebies along the way.  If you’re on a budget, these can be a great way to learn even if you can’t afford a major price tag—and you might even be able to save up down the road if you find you really love one teacher’s methods or experience!

My favourites & wishlist:

Do you miss that back-to-school feeling? Take some online classes like these and enjoy learning something new from the comfort of your home!

Free Online Classes


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