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14 Myths About Veganism

As you can probably guess from arriving at a vegan lifestyle blog, I am in fact vegan.  Like most vegans, I’ve heard it all–the jokes, the blurting of “BACON” as some sort of alleged retort, every “logical” reason possible against my lifestyle. I’ve even been asked how I felt being around people eating meat because “breathing it in basically negates my veganism.”   Here’s an assortment of some of the most prevalent myths about veganism.

This post is definitely one of the most snarky I’ve shared here on the blog, but I promise–I’m generally a nice person! I like to think the other posts on the blog can attest to that.  But, as any other vegans here might relate to, these are absurdly frustrating.  Again, we hear these again and again.

It’s expensive.

The dollar store sells frozen veggies.  Rice and beans (aka the cheapest meal of all time) is inherently vegan.  There is no rule that you must go buy meat replacement and nutritional yeast.  It’s totally possible (and honestly pretty darn simple) to eat a vegan diet on a budget.

Eating meat is the circle of life.

This is not the Lion King.  Did you know that we’re also not living on some sort of desert island that irrationally has animals to be hunted by now herbivorous food?  Imagine that!

We’re natural carnivores.

Do you know who has much bigger canine teeth than humans?  Monkeys.  You know who are almost solely herbivorous?  Monkeys.  Please don’t tell me that your 1/2 inch almost-pointy teeth make you the natural companion to wolves and lions.

We need hunting to control animal populations.

Remember that circle of life people love to mention so much?  Deer aren’t going to take over the world if we don’t shoot them.

Vegans can’t get enough protein.

Vegetables.  Nuts.  Quinoa.  Beans.  And that’s just a few!  You’d be amazed by just how many veggie-based sources of protein are out there.

What about all the animals who are treated well?

If an animal is bred and lives solely for the purpose of later being eaten, it really doesn’t matter if it’s “treated well” or killed “humanely.” It’s honestly kind of sick.

There’s nothing wrong if I eat milk, eggs, or honey.

Go Google some behind-the-scenes clips of the dairy or egg industry.  Or remember that announcement of bees being added to the endangered species list?

People need to eat more than “rabbit food.”

There are SO MANY vegan options.  From pasta to casseroles, vegan foods span cultures and can be adjusted to fit any preference.

Plants feel pain, too!

False.  Plants do not have nociceptors.  They do not feel pain.

You can’t build muscle as a vegan.

Again, I refer you to Google.  Search for vegan bodybuilders.  That should clear that up pretty quickly.

Vegan food doesn’t taste good.

Try some of our vegan recipes! We beg to differ.

People only become vegan to lose weight.

See the previous myth.  Honestly, I think most people that think this must have never eaten pasta.

Vegans judge you for eating or using animal products.

We may not offer to share your hamburger, but most of us aren’t going to throw blood on you for eating your McDonald’s across the table.  Would we be thrilled to have you join us in veganism? Of course!  But I’ve yet to meet a vegan who would force you to become one as well.  We’re not a cult.  However, we will judge you for using these “reasons” to judge us.

Vegans insist on telling everyone that they’re vegan.

I can’t speak for all of us, but I mention it when it would be an inconvenience not to (like if you’re having a party and are listing dietary restrictions to prepare for).  I’m not going to interject my veganism into each conversation we have.

14 Myths About Veganism

Again, this is by far the snarkiest of posts I’ve shared here on For the Sake of Good Taste.  But, given the frustrations, I’d go so far as to say it’s warranted.

Have you heard any of these myths about veganism?  Share your story with us below!

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2 Replies to “14 Myths about Veganism”

  1. When I worked in staffing, we did client visits weekly, where we would take clients out to lunch and a few of my clients are vegan so I would take them to their favorite Vegan Restaurant for lunch. But my boss would get mad because when I returned I would bring something back to eat at my desk. He would shout “Didn’t you take a client to lunch?!?!” and I would reply yes and I’m still very much hungry. All the other agents would laugh and it became a joke that even our corporate headquarters knew about! The closest I might be able to do is pescatarian but even then after a day I want MEAT!!! 🙂

    Hopping over from Blog Squad! Nice to ‘e-meet’ ya!

    1. Can’t say I’ve ever run into that issue—there are so many filling vegan options that I honestly think I have more of a difficulty finishing my food most of the time! Glad your office got a good laugh out of it though 🙂

      Pleasure to “meet” you, too! Thank so much for stopping by!

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