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Myths about Organising

I’ve spent years trying to become more organised, yet I’m still appalled by the myths about organising I encounter time and again!

You’re either born an organised person or not.

While you may be naturally better at organising than someone else is, there’s no reason the latter can’t become more organised!

You’re too busy to get organised.

You can become more organised with just a few minutes a day! It will take time, of course, but it doesn’t need to take over your life.

Organisation costs too much.

You don’t have to spend lots of money to get organised!  Chances are, you won’t have to spend money at all. From repurposing items you have already to DIY-ing a new storage system, it’s not difficult to organise on a budget.

If you take the time to organise your whole home once, it will be organised for good.

On the one hand, a massive organisation session will make a world of difference. On the other hand, it won’t fix all of your problems forever. You’ll still need to maintain your organisational system.

The system that everyone raves about will definitely work for you.

Whether you’re researching FlyLady or Marie Kondo, seeing hundreds of glowing reviews can easily convince you that that is the system you need to get organised once and for all. But what works for one person (or hundreds) may not work for you! It may take some trial and error to determine your best method.

You need to organise “the right way.”

No matter how Pinterest-worthy an organisational system may seem, it might not be right for you. Like I’ve said in our Rules of Organising, there really are no rules!

Once you buy certain containers or other tools, you’ll become more organised.

On the contrary, I actually recommend waiting until you’ve progressed significantly through the organising process to invest in containers and the like, if at all. If you purchase them in advance, you might not even use them. Then they’ll just become more clutter!

If you’re messy, you must be disorganised.

Not at all! If it works for the person in question, it’s still an organisational system, even if it’s “organised chaos.”

You have to toss/donate most of your excess belongings or become a minimalist to really be organised.

This definitely helps, and some level of decluttering is a necessity. But by no means do you need to go overboard if you don’t want to!

You need lots of free space to get organised.

Like decluttering, lots of free space is helpful, but by no means necessary to become more organised.

You need a plan or list for everything to really be organised.

Yes, I’m debunking this as a bullet journal fan. For many things, these lists and plans can truly be helpful. But sometimes, they are nothing more than tools for procrastination.

You can’t have fun being organised.

Instead, you must plan each and every moment of each and every day, right? No. You can be organised and spontaneous! Heck, some people even find the organising process itself to be fun!

Myths about Organising

Have you encountered any of these myths about organising?


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