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Top Office Supplies for College Students

I may have a slight stationery obsession. That being said, I’ve used an awful lot of office supplies, especially at school. Testing so many, I’ve found what, in my opinion, are the best office supplies available.  More importantly, these are my top office supplies for college students!

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Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils

I like to write in pencil for class notes, if only to be easily changed or corrected (though I’ll rewrite them in colourful pens when studying—more on that later!).  While there are literally thousands of different pencils on the market, and nearly all of them will get the job done, I’m adamant about using Dixon Ticonderogas.

Ticonderogas sharpen well, write smoothly, and erase cleanly.  If you’re looking for a basic #2, they’re my go-to! Get a 12-pack here*.

PaperMate InkJoy Multicoloured Pens

I colour-code pretty much everything I can.  When it comes to updating my planner, rewriting class notes, or just doodling, I turn to my multicoloured Papermate pens.  The colours are perfect and they rarely give me issues.  On the rare occasion they do, a quick scribble on a scrap paper gets it working in no time!

Get an 8-pack with a bonus pen here*.

Post-It Flags

Whether I’m using them as bookmarks or to organise my notes, I’m constantly reaching for a flag.  They’re perfect to mark up textbooks without writing in them, too!

Find them here*.


Preferably, fun paperclips.

I somehow end up with piles of papers that need to be organised.  I may need a bookmark where a flag won’t quite work.  Paperclips are always the answer.

Grab some cat clips*, a variety of animals*, pawprints*, or search for your favourite sort!


In addition to my bullet journal, I like to keep a dated planner to keep track of meetings, classes, work, and everything in between.  Add in my multi-coloured pens, paperclips, and flags, it’s the perfect organisational tool!

I just picked up this planner* and I’m in love.  What’s better than a llama?

Scented Markers

I love to use flashcards for studying, but they can get monotonous after a while.  Using a variety of colours makes it a little more fun.  Even better? A variety of colours AND SCENTS.  I’ll take a pile of index cards, my notes for the class in question, and get to card-making!

My personal favourites are these*.


There are plenty more wonderful supplies that I use, but this is an assortment of my favourites.

What’s your favourite of our top office supplies for college students?

Top Office Supplies for College Students


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