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My Skincare Routine + Favourite Products

Last week, I published part one of my massive Wish haul with all sorts of beauty-themed goodies. In the process, I promised a look into my skincare routine soon to come, which I’m happy to bring you today.

I’ve always struggled with my skin. It’s never been horrendous, but it’s never been great, either.  As a young child, I battled terrible eczema, but it mostly cleared up as I aged (though it’s actually cropping up again this summer—thankfully, I’m experienced enough to catch it before it gets worse!).  I’ve dealt with plain ol’ dryness, absurdly sensitive skin, and acne. But I’ve finally gotten to a point where I’m mostly happy with my skin as it is today, though there’s always room for improvement!

This post will focus on my face, but I use most of these products skin-wide. Feel free to comment below or on social media if you have questions about any of it!

Now, this routine is very much a work in progress. I’d love to hear your suggestions and recommendations!

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Skincare Routine: Cleansing

First and foremost, a clean face is a must. A few months ago, I came across a blog post by VL-Beauty, The Secret Tool to Clear Skin, which was a total game-changer.

In the post, Vicky explained that she gets lots of compliments regarding her clear skin, which, per her photos, is absolutely gorgeous! She explained that her secret weapon is this Real Techniques Cruelty Free Miracle Cleansing Sponge*. I was intrigued by her glowing review and I’m never one to turn down an affordable, well-reviewed cruelty-free product, so I ordered one for myself.

I am so glad I did.

I’ve been using it with this sensitive skin-friendly cleanser* and it has yet to disappoint. My skin genuinely feels cleaner and clearer!

About once a week, I’ll use my cleansing brush from Wish instead.  I don’t know if it actually cleans much differently, but it makes me think of the claims that electric toothbrushes inherently clean better.

Additionally, for times that I need to remove dirt and makeup but don’t have the time or energy to do a full wash, I use micellar water*.

Skincare Routine: Maintenance

Once my skin is clean, a few more steps ensure my skin is at its best.

Every few weeks, or a bit more often when acne strikes, I use a bit of rubbing alcohol as a quick, effective toner. It sounds counter-intuitive, especially when I struggle with dry skin, but it works wonders! Read more about this use of rubbing alcohol on Livestrong.

Otherwise, I use this rose petal witch hazel toner*. Not only does it smell lovely, but it’s so effective!  I love the way my skin feels after using it—so clean!

Then, a moisturiser is an absolute necessity. My go-to is usually this Garnier moisturiser with rose water* (can you tell I’m a fan of rose? White roses are my favourite flower, too!), but I received a whole bunch of this bliss Drench & Quench* which I’m really enjoying, too.

Update:  I recently started using the rose moisturiser more and ended up with an allergic reaction, so I won’t be using that one any longer!

Though it’s not a part of my regular routine, I also throw in a face mask when I’m in need of a little extra self-care. Most of the time, I use one by Freeman Beauty; most recently, it’s this sweet tea and lemon mask*. Everything is better with tea!

Skincare Routine: Cleaning the Cleaners

In addition to these directly-related-to-skincare products, the suggestion I’ve found most useful is to keep your products clean.  In my Wish Haul: Beauty post, I featured my makeup brush cleansing pad. Clean makeup brushes make a huge difference! The same goes for sponges like Beautyblenders or the cleansing sponge discussed above and for towels!  If it’s going to touch your skin, keep it clean.

Skincare Routine: Going forward

Going forward, the two items I most want to amend are including a great facial sunscreen (I avoid sun exposure at all costs—my sister likes to say I’m a vampire—but better safe than sorry!) and transitioning to more cruelty-free and vegan products. As I’ve said before, it’s a work in progress!

What products do you use for your own skincare routine? Let us know if you’ve tried any of our favourites!

My Skincare Routine + Favourite Products


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  1. This post has made me want to take better care of my skin! It is so sensitive though that I just have to look at a face scrub and it brings me out in a rash, haha!



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