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Favourite TV Shows

Recently, I’ve been working to get caught up on some long-time favourite shows and I’ve started some new ones!  Naturally, I’ve wanted to share my excitement and the idea for this post came into being:  check out my favourite TV shows of spring 2019.

There might be a few spoilers throughout, but I’ll try to keep them minimal! I’ll also come back to add some new (to me) shows as I discover them!


If you’ve been following me for a while, chances are you’ve seen me mention this one before.  I’ve been about two seasons behind for what seems like forever and I’ve only just started to catch up.  I was just about finished with Season 13 on Netflix when they added Season 14–even more episodes to look forward to!

I was devastated when I saw the announcement of this being the final season, but I’m so grateful for what this cast has done, both in the community they’ve built and the good deeds they’ve done! I’ll be sorry to see them go, but I’m so glad I got to experience the magic that is Supernatural.

Where I watch: Netflix

The Act

I’ve been following the case behind Hulu’s The Act since it first broke years ago, so I was excited to see the show announced. It’s hasn’t been free from criticism, especially from Gypsy Rose’s family, but it was fascinating to see this interpretation all the same.

Where I watch: Hulu

New Amsterdam

I’ve never been a huge fan of hospital dramas (I don’t do well with blood!), but New Amsterdam has proven to be the exception. Max & Co. are absolutely inspiring–I’ve been drawn in by the characters and their plotlines from the start!

Where I watch: Hulu

Game of Thrones

You had to know this one was coming!  I’ve been behind on Game of Thrones for nearly as long as Supernatural, but I caught up just in time to catch up with the Battle of Winterfell.  I must say, it’s nice to not have to avoid any and all mention in hopes of dodging spoilers!

That being said, I’m excited to see where the final season brings us.  Who do you think will be on the Iron Throne?

Where I watch: Hulu

A Million Little Things

This show. Oh my gosh. I initially tuned in because I’m a long-time fan of James Roday–aka Shawn Spencer from Psych! Since, I’ve grown incredibly attached to these characters–Gary (of course!) and Maggie are my favourites.

Where I watch: Hulu


When I first caught the previews for Manifest, I knew I’d have to tune in.  I love a good drama, and this one has just enough paranormal-y mystery to it to keep me engrossed! I’m a bit behind, but it’s on my list to catch up soon.

Where I watch: Hulu

This Is Us

Would you believe I only started watching This Is Us this season? The Gilmore Girls fan in me is truly offended.

Where I watch: Hulu

Grace & Frankie

This one’s been out for a little while, but I only discovered it shortly before the newest season debuted.  That being said, I technically caught up on this while it was still wintertime.  But it’s a good enough series to recommend regardless!

Where I watch: Netflix

The Handmaid’s Tale

Another Hulu original, I started watching The Handmaid’s Tale shortly after finishing the book (which I loved!).  For the longest time, I held off going past the first season because it lined up well with the book’s end. But, with the third season on the horizon, I’ve finally decided to dive in with season two!

Where I watch: Hulu

Jane the Virgin

This is yet another one that’s been out for a while, but I’ve only just started to watch it myself!  I caught a recent episode while my mom was watching a few weeks ago. For some time beforehand, I was considering starting the show, but tuning in to that episode, I knew I’d have to for sure.

What are your favourite TV shows lately?

Favourite TV Shows


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