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My Favourite Christmas Memories

Though I hopefully have quite a few holidays ahead of me, I’ve lived through nearly 24 holiday seasons so far (1995–2018).  In that time, I’ve compiled plenty of precious holiday memories.  In today’s post, I’d like to invite you to walk down memory lane with me; let’s reminisce on Christmas past!

Christmas 2016

I recently went through some posts on my old blog, TO&E, and came across these posts outlining the holiday festivities outlining the weeks before I left for the UK.   From spending time with family to a blogger secret Santa, this was one to remember!

Cooper’s stuffed Lambchop

Several years ago, we got Cooper, the family dog, a stuffed Lambchop.  “Lambie” was lying on top of the piles of gifts, but Cooper knew somehow that this was for him.  He climbed up the pile of presents to get his Lambie!

Though the original Lambchop has long since been destroyed (Cooper and stuffed toys are not a combination for the long haul), we just got him a replacement Lambie a few weeks ago and he loves it!

Gifting my sister a smartphone

My sister and I were pretty behind on the smartphone trend until I eventually purchased my own pay-as-you-go plan.  Secretly, my mom and I got one for Rachel, too. Being the older sister, it’s pretty much a given that if I get something, she must too!  From getting mine on Black Friday to Christmas morning, she may have hated me a bit.

That Christmas, my mom also got her a Coach wristlet.  She hid a note in the wristlet directing Rach to another tree, where we’d hidden the phone.  We got it all on video and watch it every year!

Fitz’s first Christmas

Just last year, Mr. Fitz had his very first Christmas! We started off the festivities with a celebration with his Aunt Monica and cousin Moxie (one of my best friends and her dog!).  Later, when we came to my parents’ for the “real” holidays, he got a whole pile of goodies (mostly from Chewy!)!

Getting a printer

One of my all-time favourite Christmas presents? A printer.  Yes, I know I’m strange.  While at college, I was lucky enough to have free printing available, but I had to go to the library to utilise it.  While this wasn’t a big deal to most on such a small campus, it was terrible when my health issues flared up, especially during the winter.  And, studying English and History, I had a lot of papers to write and print!  So, when my mom got me my very own printer for my dorm room, I was absolutely ecstatic. I don’t often have a very visible reaction to gifts, but this is still the present Mom says I was most excited about!

Holiday lights display

Last year (again), my family went to see a beautiful display of holiday lights just a few miles from our town.  Though this was our first time seeing it, this family goes all-out every year with a massive, beautiful setup! It’s seriously one of the best things we’ve done at Christmas.

Jets pencils

In high school, one of my favourite teachers was the biggest NY Jets fan you could imagine.  She and I still keep in touch (and my sister just finished a class with her–one of her last before retiring this winter!),  but there’s one thing I miss about being in her class–Jets pencils.  Every year, she gifts her students with green pencils that read “Merry Christmas from Mrs. Ulsh and the Jets.” I still have mine, unsharpened, waiting for the perfect moment!

Visiting with my cousins

Growing up, we went to my dad’s parents’ house each Christmas, along with the extended family.  While it wasn’t the only time of year that we’d meet up with my cousins, it was the most fun! I was right in between the older “adult” cousins and the younger cousins, so I often got tasked with watching the younger cousins.  I’ve always been overly mature for my age, so it was always nice to goof off with them!

Gifting Rachel a laptop

If you haven’t noticed, I apparently like it when my sister gets new electronics!  A few years back, we got her a Chromebook (which is currently the computer I use, though it’s on its last legs).  We put it in a prank box–a video game designed to teach you cleaning! She still holds that one against us.

“New toy smell”

Rachel just reminded me of this one while I was writing this!  She got a pair Beats headphones for her birthday a few days ago: she just brought them over to me and said, “You have to smell them. They smell like Christmas!” I’m not sure if it’s the rubber, the plastic, a combination of these, or something completely different, but she was right! The brand-new headphones smelt just like opening a new toy on Christmas morning.

My Favourite Christmas Memories

What’s your favourite holiday memory?

Happy Blogmas


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