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My Favourite Christmas Songs

Despite swearing against it time and again, I started (willingly) listening to Christmas music just over a week before Thanksgiving this year.  I blame Blogmas–it’s been too festive for my own good!  Despite being drawn in rather begrudgingly, I really do love Christmas music.  So, today I’m sharing some of my favourite Christmas songs!

Be sure to check out my Spotify playlist featuring these Christmas songs at the end of the post!

Merry Christmas, Darling

I fell in love with Lea Michele’s rendition years ago and never looked back.

Last Christmas

You really can’t go wrong with George Michael/WHAM!.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I think it’s the upbeat melody that gets me with this one.  It’s also my go-to title for all Christmas playlists (like this one!).

Christmas Eve/Sarajevo

Seeing TSO live is near the top of my bucket list!

O Holy Night

While I never got to experience it myself, my mom tells a story each year about her high school Christmas concert.  Each year, the choir would dress in all white for a stunning rendition of this song (which is already beautifully haunting!)

Christmas Canon

Thanks to Father of the Bride, Canon in D is a personal favourite in general (and will be played at my wedding!).  By extension, I love this one!

The Christmas Can-Can

Straight No Chaser can really do no harm in my book, but this one’s a personal favourite!

The Christmas Shoes

Ok, I’m not sure this one really counts as a favourite.  I can’t even say I listen through it once the entire Christmas season.  But this is only because it’s so good.  I legitimately can’t handle the level of emotion this song produces.

Carol of the Bells

This was always a favourite during my time as a flautist, and that has remained the case even now!

Somewhere in My Memory

Home Alone is one of my all-time favourite Christmas movies, and this song captures the poignancy of the season perfectly.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Yes, it’s considered to be problematic by many (I like this breakdown from Vox that considers it from both sides of the debate).  Personally, I read it as what that article calls the “romantic” interpretation, especially given the historical context of its writing–I’m a self-proclaimed helpless romantic, after all. But, if you don’t like the song, or believe in the less-than-okay interpretation, that’s completely valid, too.


I only discovered this one within the past few years and it’s absolutely stunning.

Wonderful Christmastime

Thanks in part to my mom’s love of this song, it instantly conjures of images of ice skating and Rockefeller Center.

Feliz Navidad

My Spanish is sub-par at best, but this song does a pretty good job of making me feel like I’m a lot better at the language! Plus, it’s just so darn catchy!

Silver and Gold

I may or may not quote this one year-round, whenever the colours silver and gold are mentioned.  This kicks into high gear this time of year when we inevitably encounter lots of tinsel at every store!

Mary, Did You Know?

I’m by no means a very traditional Christian, but I sang this in high school and fell in love.

We Need a Little Christmas

Fact: you cannot go wrong with Angela Lansberry.

Dominick the Donkey

I’m pretty sure I like this song because a) I dream of visiting Italy someday and b) Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey is one of my favourite holiday films.

When Christmas Comes to Town

I tear up at this scene in The Polar Express, without fail.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Outside of the Christmas music context, I’m friends with a Hugh Martin in real life. Every year, when I inevitably run into a reference to Hugh Martin, composer of this classic Christmas song, I do a double-take yet again.  You’d think I’d have learnt to be ready for it by now, but nope.

Christmas Wrapping

I insist on playing this one every single time I wrap gifts.  So, it’s got all sorts of lovely Christmas-y memories associated with it!

What Child Is This

Another religious piece that I adore.  When we’d go to Christmas Eve mass while I was growing up, I always hoped this would be one of the hymns!

Text Me Merry Christmas

The ultimate Christmastime LDR anthem for the modern era.

We Are Santa’s Elves

Between Rudolph and the happy tune of this song, what’s not to love?

The Twelve Pains of Christmas

In addition to being absolutely hilarious,

What’s This?

I think Nightmare Before Christmas has earned its spot as a Christmas movie, and this song certainly qualifies as Christmas-y!

Nutcracker Suite

Another favourite instrumental piece!

There’s Always Tomorrow

Yet another piece from the Rudolph soundtrack, this song is wonderfully optimistic–perfect for this time of year!

Sleigh Ride

If you’ve never experienced playing this on the piccolo, I highly recommend trying it someday.  It’s one of my favourite musical experiences of all time!

Check out the playlist on Spotify

What are your favourite Christmas songs? Let us know in the comments!

My Favourite Christmas Songs
Happy Blogmas


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