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My Favourite Christmas Ornaments

If you’ve read my post of holiday traditions, you’ll know that Christmas ornaments have recently become a pretty touching gift for my sister and I each Christmas Eve.  Even though this is a brand-new tradition, I’m so excited!  Still, we’ve collected plenty of wonderful ornaments over the years, the best of which (in my opinion), I’ll share with you today.

A small number of mine decided to disappear just before Christmas, so I wasn’t able to snap a photo of them for this post–I’ll be sure to add them after the fact once they’ve been recovered!

I’ve found some similar ornaments on Amazon for you to browse, too! Most of the exact ornaments are too old to find easily, but I’ve tried to keep the theme the same, at the very least.

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You’ll notice a few of these distinctive stuffed ornaments–we got them around the same time because they were simply too cute!  I got this one in honour of Elf and Mr. Narwhal’s classic line:  “Bye, Buddy . . . hope you find your dad!”

narwhal ornament

Elf Mr. Narwhal Ornament*

Coffee Cup

If you’ve been around the blog a while, you know I’m a bit of a coffee fiend.  So this adorable little cup is perfect!

coffee cup ornament

Happiness is a Cup of Coffee Ornament*

George the Beagle

This one has quite the story behind it!  When I was little, I’d yet to have a dog of my own.  But, I’d recently read a book that featured a “pocket beagle” and I was vaguely obsessed.

After all these year’s I’ve finally done some research and found out this was Animal Ark’s Beagle in a Backpack!* I’m now on a mission to either find my old copy somewhere in my parents’ house or pick one up to reread . . . because sometimes you want to read childhood books all over again! 

But I digress.  I was hooked on the idea of these tiny dogs and came across these ornaments, where you could pick your dog’s breed and name.  I somehow convinced Mom  that I needed a beagle ornament to compensate for my lack of real dog and I named him George, after my grandfather.  I guess, to my ten-year-old mind, it was a logical progression since I didn’t want to have children to name after family?    Whatever the case, George the Beagle now hangs happily from the family Christmas tree.

Customizable Dog Ornament*


The Loch Ness monster is always a good idea, but especially so when she’s wearing a Santa hat!

nessie ornament

The Loch Ness Monster Believes In You Ornament*

Polar Bear

For some reason, this friendly little bear ornament never wants to face front.  So, we see an awful lot of “bear butt.”

polar bear ornament

Polar Bear Butt Ornament*


Again, if you’ve read my post on Christmas traditions, this one may ring a bell (I am so, so sorry for that pun but I had to).  This bell sparks all of the Polar Express quotes.  We’ve got a few other bell ornaments, but this one in particular forces the references.

polar express bell ornament

Polar Express Bell Ornament*

Teeny Tiny Harry

I got this one from a blogger secret Santa back in 2016, I think!  Cathleen did such an amazing job in finding me the perfect present and teeny tiny Harry was definitely a favourite.

Harry Potter Ornament*


This is one of our most unusual ornaments, but it’s a favourite nevertheless.  This was another stuffed ornament we picked up int hat group, solely because it reminded me of FilmCow’s “John McCain and his Vegetable Friends.”  Strange, but true!  It’s also a pretty cool nod to my veganism, if I do say so myself.

carrot ornament

Carrot Ornament*


I’ve definitely been on a bird kick throughout 2018, so unearthing this little guy in our box of decorations was a great moment!  I put him as close to the top of the tree as possible, so the bird could be the “star” of the show!

bird clip ornament

Sparkly Clip-On Birds*

Santa’s Countdown

Mom got this as a gift from a coworker years ago and he’s one of our favourite pieces of Christmas.  Plus, he keeps us on track to keep our other countdowns up-to-date!

santa countdown ornament

Countdown to Christmas Ornament (the same one we have!)*

Sock Monkey

You might not know this, but I went through a period in which I was absolutely obsessed with sock monkeys. I still have quite the collection!  While I’m working on cutting back and giving some of my actual sock monkeys a new home, this little guy is definitely staying to add a little extra joy to the Christmas tree.

sock monkey ornament

Gingerbread Sock Monkey Ornament*

The Christmas Pickle

One more Christmas tradition!  While he isn’t hiding in the tree just yet, the Christmas Pickle deserves another shoutout.

Traditional Christmas Pickle*

My Favourite Christmas Ornaments

What are your favourite Christmas ornaments?

Happy Blogmas


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