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My Christmas Traditions

Over the years, my family has developed a variety of Christmas traditions that I hold dear to my heart.  I can’t wait to share them with my own family someday, too! Some of them are more widely known and some are specific to the family, but I love them all.

The Christmas Pickle

The Christmas pickle is a real thing outside of our family!  According to, the tradition began in the 1880s, when Woolworth’s department store sold glass pickle-shaped ornaments. They claimed it was an old German tradition–which actually wasn’t true!

Despite it’s false “history,” the Christmas pickle is a lot of fun.  Someone hides it on the Christmas tree, then the first person to find it gets to open the first present of Christmas!

Statistically, my sister’s found the pickle the most often, without a doubt.  But that miiight have something to do with my dad cheating and giving her hints because she’s so much younger. . . .  #notbitter

Christmas Eve Ralphie

Each Christmas Eve, A Christmas Story plays on repeat for 24 hours.  We make sure to tune in throughout the day and see how many times we can actually see it all the way through! It happens less often than you’d think.

Whether or not I see it all the way through, Ralphie and his family never fail to get me in the holiday spirit!

Check out our favourite Christmas films for more movie picks!

Baking with Nanny

We just started this one last year! We invited my grandmother to my parents’ house for some holiday baking.  With Christmas music, yummy recipes, and family, we can’t not enjoy it! This year, I’m excited to try some of the treats from our vegan Christmas cookies post earlier in Blogmas!

Christmas Jammies

My mom has been getting us Christmas jammies every year for as long as I can remember.  Each Christmas Eve, we each receive a box or gift bag filled with a new cosy pair of pajamas.  This is another highlight of the season!  Honestly, from Christmas on, I look forward to next year’s Christmas jammies.

This year, mom’s decided that we’re adding an addition to this one, too!  She’s adding a special ornament to our Christmas Eve present that’s especially for our own trees going forward! She gave me a sneak preview of my sister’s ornament and it’s perfect, so I can’t wait to see what she’s picked out for me.

Christmas Countdowns

This one is fairly minor, but we always use a few different countdowns to Christmas.  Mom has a Santa Claus ornament that runs a digital countdown and, my personal favourite, we have a wooden reindeer with numbered blocks that you switch out each day as Christmas approaches.

I added a bonus countdown in my bullet journal this year!

Christmas songs

While I’ve somehow yet to go carolling (ever!), Christmas songs make up a big part of my Christmas celebrations each year.  I don’t think we’ve ever actually sat down and called it a tradition, I think this counts!

Each year, there are a few songs that we (Mom & I) must listen to throughout the season:  “Wonderful Christmastime” by Paul McCartney, “Christmas Canon” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and, in a more recent addition, “Christmas Wrapping” by the Waitresses, to name just a few.  We get so excited each year when we hear these for the first time!

Check out my favourite Christmas songs (and a playlist!) here.

The Polar Express quotes

We’ve only really been fans of The Polar Express for a few years now, but some of the quotes have become engrained in each Christmas since.  Most importantly, Santa’s dramatic declaration of “The first gift of Christmas!” has become a staple–for everything from the first ornament on the tree to more ridiculous things, like making empanadas recently!

Tom Hanks’ “I believe” when trying to hear Santa’s sleigh bells is another popular one.  Any time one of us finds a bell, it’s pretty much requisite that another person quote it.

My Christmas Traditions

What Christmas traditions do you or your family look forward to each year?
Happy Blogmas


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