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2019 Goals - Personal

Last year, I only shared my blogging-specific goals with all of you (and again this year!).  For 2019, I figured adding my personal (or at least non-blogging) 2019 goals might be a nice addition–at the very least, I’ll gain some much-needed accountability!

A lot of these are writing-related, as that’s becoming an increasingly important part of my life. But, that’s not all that’s ahead for the year!

Send 500 pieces in lit mag submissions

Despite starting on my first ever poetry submissions quite a few months into 2018, I surpassed 200 submissions (counting individual poems, not each magazine).  So, 500 for 2019 shouldn’t be an issue at all!  In fact, I’ve got nearly 150 submitted already, thanks to being on bedrest with the flu for nearly a week!

While I’d love to set a goal for acceptances, I can’t really control the editors’ decisions.  So, I’ll just hope for the best on that front!  However, I’m also half-heartedly trying the 100 rejections challenge, too.  While I’m in no way going to be disappointed if I don’t reach 100 rejection letters, it’s already helping me to see them as less of a negative force!

Launch Nightingale and Sparrow‘s first issues

I recently launched an online literary magazine, Nightingale & Sparrow.  I’m hoping to release four issues a year! We’re currently accepting submissions for Issue No. I, flight, due in mid-February. I’d love to feature some of my wonderful blog friends who happen to be literary or photographically inclined, so please feel free to submit!

Read 100 books

Near the end of 2018, I decided to up my 2018 Goodreads Reading Challenge from 40 books to 50.  I’d been reading in excess, so it seemed like an easy win!  Fast forward to December and a handful of recurring migraines left me absurdly behind.  But I powered through and read some fantastic books, exceeding my goal of 50!

So, I’m hoping to read 100 books this year.  Without schoolwork (and required readings) bogging me down, I think it might be doable!  Migraines have already gotten in the way of my first few days of reading, I’m hopeful that they’ll let up going forward! I’ve already gotten some book reviews lined up for Pencils & Pages, my new book blog, so I’ve got to get going one way or another!

Complete 35 items on my 101 in 1,001 list

While I’ve been periodically updating my 101 in 1,001 list, I haven’t made anywhere near the progress I need to if I’d like to complete even a majority of the items by its end date.  So, I’m hoping 2019 is a big year for progress!

Finish my next two poetry manuscripts

While I’m not sure I’ll actually publish my next poetry books this year (I’m considering going for a more traditional publishing route with these), I’d like to at least get a final draft of the manuscript put together.  I’ve got a majority of the actual material ready to go, so it’s just a matter of arranging and putting the finishing touches on the real documents.

These will be Centre Stage and “How My Cat Saved My Life” and Other Poems, if you’re interested in learning more!

Draft The Affair

While NaNoWriMo 2018 didn’t go in my favour (thank you, migraines), I’m still pretty excited about the novel I started last November.  So, I’m hoping to continue and hopefully finish that first draft in 2019! It’s bound to be messy and far from ready to go, but I’m determined to get this first draft done.

Pay off at least three credit cards

Between being a poor college student and having a multitude of health issues, I have more debt than I’d like. Despite my absurdly low income, I’m determined to work hard to get at least three cards paid off! This is hardly a total solution and it doesn’t even touch the chaos that is student loans, but every little bit counts!

Earn income from the blog

Of course, this dives into some of my blogging goals for the year, but I’m planning on 2019 being the year that I start earning a semi-regular income from For the Sake of Good Taste. Between our planned product launches, (hopefully) some sponsored posts, and affiliate income, my hopes are high! As my blogging skills improve over time (I’m constantly amazed at how far the site has come since its launch!), I’m confident that things can only move forward.

Organise my life

The KonMari method may be having a resurgence of popularity thanks to Marie Kondo’s new Netflix series, but I’ve been utilising her concepts for years now. I’ve worked through her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, in little bits since I first picked it up, but I’m planning to make it through the entire process as intended this year. I’m working on clothes currently!

Build my emergency fund

In paying down debt and increasing my income, I’m hoping that I can get better at saving! I’m using a lot of Dave Ramsey methodology, so I’m starting with a goal of $1,000.  From there, I’d like to get a minimum of six months’ expenses saved, eventually!

What are your 2019 goals?

2019 Goals - Personal


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