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2019 Bullet Journal

As you probably already know, I really enjoy bullet journaling.  As you might not already know, I’ve been talking about my excitement for setting up my 2019 bullet journal since . . . about October.  I insisted my mom pick up at least one of my favourite $5 journals from Michaels and planned to do little but work and bullet journal in the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

And that I did, for the most part.  So, my first bullet journal of 2019 is ready to go!  I’ve found that these journals typically last me about three months a piece, so this one should last me through March.  It might even make it until April, since I don’t have many holidays and events adding special pages!

This post is in no way affiliated with the official Bullet Journal brand.

For this year’s journal, I have it roughly split into long-term pages, blogging pages, writing/Nightingale & Sparrow pages, and monthly pages. There’s space after January to add the coming months, as well as any additional pages I might find myself in need of!

At the risk of spending a couple thousand words breaking down each page, I’m going to list most of them and give a bit more information on some of my favourites! Of course, if you want to know more about another page, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Long-term pages

My “Welcome 2019” page is one of my favourites, despite messing up a bit in writing out my word of the year (distractions are unhelpful, kids).

welcome 2019 bullet journal

My page for Fitz is another favourite, despite only being just started. How could I not love a page that features that face staring back at me? This is the first time I used by HP sprocket 2-in-1 in my journal and I absolutely love it.

Fitz 2019 bullet journal

My 101 in 1,001 spread always makes me smile as I flip through because it’s so darn colourful! I’ve got a ways to go on actually completing the tasks, but a spread this pretty is rather inspiring.

101 in 1,001 bullet journal 2019

The digital declutter spread is another favourite because I kept it pretty simple. The grey mildliner is the perfect complement if I do say so myself!

digital declutter bullet journal 2019

I also have a KonMari spread–I’ve been following her for years, but I’ve been telling myself for months now that 2019 will be the year I finally tackle the full process!

konmari bullet journal 2019

  • 2019
    • Intro & word of the year
    • Goals
    • Level 10 Life
    • Birthdays
    • Future log
  •  Finance
    • Bill tracker
    • Debt avalanche
    • Work income & expenses
    • Savings tracker
    • Wishlist & spending goals
  • Reference
    • Fitz’s info
    • General reference
  • Productivity
    • Morning/Evening routines
    • Packing lists
    • 101 in 1,001
    • Letter-writing tracker
    • Package tracker
    • Digital declutter checklist
    • KonMari method
    • Cleaning calendar
    • When did I last…? tracker
  • Entertainment
    • Books to Read
    • Goodreads Reading Challenge
    • Library Tracker
    • Movie Tracker
    • Disney movies
    • TV shows
  • Education
    • Duolingo tracker
    • Online course tracker
  • Food
    • Meal planner
    • Recipe bank
    • Vegan Treats to try
  • Health
    • Workouts
    • Makeup Expiration Tracker
    • Gratitude Log
    • Meditation Tracker

Blogging Pages

Most of these are replicated from my last journals–they were so useful the first times around that I stuck with it again!

  • Routines
  • Goals
  • Stats tracker
  • Post schedule
  • Vlog schedule
  • Pitches tracker
  • Collabs tracker
  • Plugins
  • Hashtags
  • Affiliates
  • Blog/Vlog ideas
  • Income/expenses
  • To dos

Writing/N&S pages

I’ve already had to add a few more Submissions Tracker pages as I make headway towards my 500 submissions goal for 2019!

  • Goals
  • Income/expenses
  • Submissions tracker
  • Poems published
  • 100 Rejections tracker
  • N&S info
  • N&S site info
  • N&S checklists
  • N&S income & expenses
  • N&S to do

Timed pages

I’m testing out a new weekly setup this month and I’m absolutely loving it so far! I still have enough space to track my endless to-do lists, but I can also track items like food, sleep, and water to make sure I’m staying at least semi-healthy.

  • January
    • Monthly spread:
      • Calendar
      • Bill tracker
      • Memories
      • Events & deadlines
      • Goals
      • To do
      • Shopping
      • Future log
    • Habit trackers
      • Habits
      • Medicine
      • Cat tasks
    • Weekly spread:
      • Daily to-dos
      • Sleep tracker
      • Water tracker
      • Weekly tasks
      • Food diary

How is your 2019 bullet journal coming along so far?

2019 Bullet Journal


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