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Little Things to Make You Happy

I recently took to Twitter (are you following us yet?) while writing my 15 Things You Might Not Know About Me post to see what people might want to know.  When Alyssa of The Wise Willow suggested talking about things that make me happy, I was inspired . . . a bit too inspired for the sake of that post.  So, the greatly anticipated post is coming to you today:  little things to make you happy . . . because they make me happy, too!

1.  Animals

Obviously, Fitz (and his friends!) is at the top of the list, of course, but there are remarkably few animals that don’t make me happy.

2.  Accidentally vegan junk food

Oreos? Chili Doritos? Thin Mints? I may love to cook, but sometimes you just want a quick, unhealthy snack.

3.  Great pens

Lately, I’ve been especially partial to my Sakura Pigma Microns and my Paper Mate Flair (especially in the shade “Surf’s Up”).

4.  Cosy blankets and fuzzy socks

I’m far from as “advanced” as I’d like to be, but I’ve been becoming more and more a fan of the ideas behind hygge.  Surrounding myself with warm, fuzzy happiness? Yes, please! My mom recently gifted me a pair stripy, fuzzy socks and it’s nearly pained me to take them off since.

5.  Funny videos

When depression hits hard, one of the few things that make me smile are Filmcow videos (check out my favourites in my favourite YouTubers post!).  I also rediscovered the beauty that is CollegeHumor—I recommend the If Google Was A Guy and Badman series!

6.  Streaming services

Moment of appreciation for streaming.  I’m forever grateful for services like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify for the sheer simplicity of entertainment they provide.

Need ideas for your next movie to stream? Check out some of my favourite films for self care days.

7. Fancy tea/coffee

There are remarkably few instances in which I would turn down tea or coffee in general, but a particularly fancy blend hits the spot from time to time.

8. Recipes that turn out well

Whether I’m trying out a recipe from Pinterest or creating one from scratch, there’s little as satisfying as that recipe turning out perfectly!

Try one of our recipes and see for yourself!

9. Texts

Disclaimer: not all text messages qualify. That girl who only complains about her ~terrible~ life or the guy who turns his second message into an innuendo . . . they don’t make me happy. But a good morning/night text from a loved one?  A friend checking in? Somebody asking how you are or what you’re up to and actually caring to hear the answer? Love it.

10. Letters

As much as I love technology, a handwritten letter makes me so, so happy.

11. Learning

Maybe I’m a nerd, but I legitimately enjoy learning.  That may be why I’ve signed up for six online courses since graduating. . . .

12.  Snuggles

Another shoutout to Fitz, he gives the best snuggles (when he wants to).

13. The Green Light

No, not Gatsby’s. . . my fellow bloggers will empathise with my love for the Yoast SEO green light!

14. A good book

I guess this one’s obligatory for a writer!

15. Sales

When I can get something for a discount, my day is made.

16. Office supplies

Bonus points for Clippy, the Microsoft Word feature from days of yore.  But real stationery is pretty cool, too.

Find our suggestions for the best school supplies for college students here.

17. Blogging!

Especially after our recent break, I absolutely love the feeling that comes with blogging. Hopefully reading the end result makes you happy, too!

18. Puns

The worse the pun, the better.

19. A Good Lip Balm

I always seem to come back to Blistex.

20. Tiffany and Co.

“. . . nothing very bad could happen to you there.” –Breakfast at Tiffany’s

21. Old Music

I’ll always have a soft spot for Sinatra, but there’s so much to love about the decades surrounding him, too.

By that logic, though, even nostalgic songs from the past twenty years or so can bring a smile to my face!

22. Gudetama

If you thought an animated egg wouldn’t give you a rush of emotion, you were probably wrong.

23. Rompers

I just really, really love rompers.  If I could wear only rompers all of the time, I’d be pretty content.

24. Poetry

Surprise, surprise, a poet enjoys poetry. I not only love to write it, but I love reading it!

Interested in some of the poetry I’ve written? Check out Mistakes Were Made on Amazon or Goodreads.

25. The night sky

I didn’t suffer through a semester of Astrophysics for nothing! I can’t claim to actually know much about it, but I’ve always been fascinated by the night sky.

26. Disney movies

If someone claims you’re too old for Disney, they’re wrong.

27. Rain

Especially thunderstorms!  I love curling up by an open window and listening to the rain fall.

28. Old cars

I have a friend who can identify nearly any old car at a glance. It’s seriously amazing.  While I don’t have that impressive talent, I do enjoy old cars from an aesthetic point of view!

29. Travel

I’ve done far too little travel as of late. But even memories of travel can spark a bit of happiness!

Check out our traveller’s guide to Bath, one of my favourite cities!

30. Listening to someone talk about something they love

One of my favourite things is watching someone explain something about which they’re truly passionate. Even if you don’t share the interest, you can’t help but smile watching their eyes light up as they talk about it!

Do any of these little things make you happy, too? Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

Little Things to Make You Happy


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