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Last-minute Gifts from Amazon

Are you in need of some last-minute gifts as Christmas grows nearer and nearer? If you have Prime shipping (or can use someones), you’re in luck.  We’ve spent far too much time on Amazon’s Gifts for Everyone page, filtered it to items under $20 (last-minute Secret Santa gifts? We’ve got you covered), and compiled dozens of our favourite last-minute gift ideas.

This post may contain affiliate links.  Please see our disclosure for more information!

If you don’t shop on Amazon for whatever reason, feel free to use this list as inspiration for items to buy elsewhere.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker*

Take their shower sing-along sessions to the next level.

Nonstick Cast Iron Skillet*

For all the times I’ve heard glowing reviews of cast iron pans, I’ve yet to get one myself!

Draw 50 Animals*

Have a budding artist on your hands? Give them a headstart with these tutorials for drawing 50 different animals.

Essential Oil Diffuser*

Perhaps so you can diffuse some of our favourite festive scents?

Wonder Woman Blanket with Sleeves*

My mom would love this! Stay cosy while saving the world.

French Press*

You cannot go wrong with coffee–it’s a scientific fact.

Wine Tumblers*

Wine sippy cups? Yes, please!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Christmas Eve and Other Stories*

This includes one of my favourite Christmas songs!

Water Colour Pocket Box*

Everything’s better in miniature!

Selfie Ring Light*

These are good for more than selfies!  I’ve used them to snap shots for Instagram, too.

Do One Thing Every Day That Inspires You*

This book is part of a series, too!

Wooden Book Box*

A book-shaped box to keep your valuables safe!  Books really can do anything.

Sudoku Puzzle Book*

500+ sudoku puzzles!

Turquoise Teakettle*

Does this scream Pam and Jim to anyone else?

Favourite Child Mug*

The perfect mug for the coffee (or tea!) -loving parent with a sense of humour.

Herb Garden Seed Kit*

I absolutely love the idea of having fresh herbs on hand.  A set like this is the perfect way to start off!

Plush Penguin*

You are never too old for a stuffed penguin friend, but this would be great for a kid, too.

But I Could Never Go Vegan! *

While you wait for us to launch our veganism course, try out some painless vegan recipes from this book!

The Writer’s Toolbox*

This looks like the perfect gift for the writer in your life!

The Unofficial Harry Potter Insults Handbook *

Harry Potter fan?  Insult those foul, loathsome, evil little cockroaches appropriately.

Disney Songs for Ukulele*

I don’t think I’ve met a ukuleleist who isn’t also a Disney fan!

I Like His Beard, I Like Her Butt mugs*

A cute, funny gift for your best couple friends!

Pastry/Ravioli Wheel*

Grab this one for your Italian friend who’ll only eat homemade pasta or cannoli.

Pusheen Weekly Planner Desk Pad*

Does your friend like cute animals, like the iconic Pusheen? Does s/he like to stay organised? Here’s a great gift!

Garden Gloves with Claws*

Make sure your favourite green thumb can really dig into their gardening this year.

I Love You Like a Hobbit. . . mug*

I’ve only seen the LOTR movies once (I know, I know), but even I know the magnitude of appreciation for second breakfast.

Bucket Makeup Bag*

This seems like such a cute, yet functional way to take your makeup on the go!

Brief History of Art Mug*

Obviously, I am a big fan of mugs as gifts. But I’m also a casual art history nerd!  I’m far from being very knowledgeable in the subject, but I can get by in museums and I actually love learning more about it!

Hans Zimmer Collection for Piano and Voice*

I adore Hans Zimmer’s work and, especially when I was actively music-ing, would love sheet music as a gift!

The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings*

We actually had an Inklings group in college! I joined for a short time, despite having read precious little Tolkien and Lewis.  I’ve since tried to improve my knowledge of the original Inklings and would love to learn even more–this book seems like a great start!

Organic Tea Mini Sampler*

A tiny pack of teas to try is a great way for your recipient to find out if they like a certain brand or type of tea!


This is one of my favourite films, ever.  I’ve run into few people that know it (I torment one friend by texting him every time the soundtrack is stuck in my head [often] or I see a reference to it online solely because he’s the only person I know who appreciates it too–sorry, Hugh.), but those who do really seem to enjoy it.

My Bucket List Prompt Journal*

This is such a neat idea!  I’ve been slowly creating a bucket list in my bullet journal, but I always seem to forget my grand plans when it comes to writing them down.  This sort of notebook might just do the trick!

You Need More Sleep: Advice from Cats*

This is the second cat-inspired advice book on this list.  Clearly, I’m on to something here!

Christmas Washi Tape Set*

Have a bullet journaler on your gift list?  They probably need some more washi!

The RBG Workout*

Does your feminist friend want to get stronger to really take down the patriarchy? Who better to inspire her workout routine than RBG?

Animal Tea Infuser Set*

I have similar squirrel and strawberry diffusers that I absolutely love!

Last-minute Gifts from Amazon

Are you in the midst of a frantic search for last-minute gifts? Let us know if our list helped you out!

Happy Blogmas


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