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July 2018 Favourites

Catch up on June’s edition, then read on for my July 2018 favourites!

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My mom found this robe on clearance for just $3 and thought it would be perfect for me! I’m always cold, especially when I venture into air conditioning.  It’s super comfortable, too!

Do you remember my Dobby shirt from last month’s favourites (refresh your memory here!)? I got the matching hat as a belated graduation present for myself – for only seven dollars!

Hogwarts Hat

You might have seen on Instagram that I bruised my heels earlier this month so I was living in slippers for a while, too. I got this pair and they helped so much with the pain!  I’m happy to report that they’re feeling much better.


If you follow us on social media, you’ve probably seen that I’ve been accepted into the BrüMate Ambassador Program! So far I’ve gotten this glass and I’m absolutely in love. Glitter and Tiffany blue? You can’t get any better in my eyes!

Brumate Uncork'd Patio

Not going to lie, I’ve mostly been drinking water from it, but I’ve managed to squeeze in a few actual drinks (of course, it was such an effort to do so!). It keeps drinks cold and it’s the perfect size, too. Not to mention its aesthetic addition to my Instagram feed!

Use my referral link to get 15% off your first order and I’ll get some bonus points, too – it’s a win-win!


When a high school friend of my mom’s reached out with extra last-minute tickets to see Maroon 5 in Hershey, we naturally jumped at the chance! Of course, this meant listening to the Maroon 5 Greatest Hits playlist on repeat in the days leading up to the concert.

Maroon 5 Greatest Hits
Adam Levine

I’m happy to report that Adam Levine sounds stellar in person and he’s got the stage presence of a literal god.

I also introduced my mom and sister to The Greatest Showman and, by extension, the soundtrack.  Mom’s had “This Is Me” on repeat for the past two weeks!


If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll have seen my enthusiasm over Halo Top’s Dairy-Free pints. So far, the Candy Bar and Chocolate Covered banana flavours are my favourites!

Halo Top

As for cooking, the most frequent meal of the month was my vegan caprese pasta salad (the recipe is scheduled here on the blog for Thursday!).

I’ve also replaced the pasta in that dish with this Barilla Veggie Penne*.  This is perfect when I don’t have any tomatoes on hand!

I also fell completely in love with It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken‘s Vegan Toast Dipping Sauce!  I’ve never really missed eggs, but there’s something so nostalgic about this nevertheless.


I was absurdly excited to find this soy chai drink on clearance at our local produce market! It was amazing – I even added some to my coffee as a pseudo-creamer!

Vanilla Soy Chai

I also ordered some boba tea supplies. I hadn’t had it in over a year! It wasn’t quite as good as those I’ve had in real tea shops, but it satisfied the craving!


After a slow start, I’ve been reading so much this month!

I finished up A Constant Princess*, which definitely took me longer than I’d planned. From there, I finally picked up Melissa Lozada-Oliva’s Peluda*, after fangirling over her poetry from afar for far too long.


I also started Poems & Songs* by Robert Burns, which involves a whole lot of reading out loud in something that’s supposed to resemble a Scottish accent, and Keep it Real*, a book on writing creative nonfiction.  Then I added The Swans of Fifth Avenue*, too! I normally only read one book at a time, but these three are different enough that it’s not too bad so far.

As a bonus, I also received a Barnes & Noble gift card, got my ThriftBooks order, and went to a used book sale! I’ll have a book haul post coming next week, so stay tuned.


I started watching Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back, which quickly turned to my mom recommending Kitchen Nightmares.  I’ve never been gladder to know I cook so much of my food myself!

I’ve also begun rewatching M*A*S*H since I realised it was on Hulu. I grew up watching the show (and swooning over Alan Alda), so it’s been quite the blast from the past!

MASH - Hulu

I watched The Godfather and The Purge for the first time and picked up A Quiet PlaceRed Sparrow, and Truth or Dare. I’ve quoted the Corleones more than can be considered normal, I’m sure.


We’ve been diffusing Young Living’s Purification blend often this month! My parents’ air conditioner means closed windows and my room is small and gets very warm, especially amid the recent heat wave. Purification is the perfect solution!

Young Living Purification


I redownloaded Elevate for the first time in months and quickly picked up brain training again.  I’ve had to offload the app a few times due to storage issues (it’s a big one!), so I’m not sure I’ll keep it up in August.

I’ve continued working on Duolingo, too! I haven’t kept up with either as much as I’d like throughout the month, but I’m still working, however slowly.

It’s taken me a bit longer than expected, but I’m working through a Modern Art class, too! It’s one of several online courses I’m taking on Coursera, so stay tuned for updates and more. Possibly even a future post featuring some of my favourite courses? Let me know in the comments if you’d be interested!


I put a lot of emphasis on looking to work with brands here on the blog and it paid off! I was super excited to share Self-Care Tips for Working at a Computer All Day, a post sponsored by Pure Journi. I’m still loving my footrest!

Foot Rest - Long Day

Since then, I’ve been applying to even more campaigns, so I’m hoping to share even more amazing brands and products with you all soon!

We also welcomed Kelsey of The Lux Authority to the blog for the guest post Vegan High Heels to Drool Over! Her gorgeous, vegan-friendly picks fit in perfectly with our content.

In terms of writing, I celebrated the one-year anniversary of Mistakes Were Made*!  Our merchandise went on sale for the week and I shared some exclusive graphics featuring excerpts from some of my favourite poems from the book.

From 5 July - Mistakes Were Made

We didn’t sell any copies of Mistakes Were Made* or any individual poems, but there’s always next month!


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July 2018 Favourites



4 Replies to “July 2018 Favourites”

  1. I loved reading this post! The Greatest Showman soundtrack will never get old! I love all the songs so much. Also, vanilla chai tea! Yum! I’m seriously craving this right now! I really want to watch Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours To Hell & Back, I bet it’s really interesting! Thanks for sharing your July favourites 💖 xx

    Bexa |

  2. Kitchen nightmares is an absolute classic. I prefer the UK version to the US one, though.
    I’m not a big fan of Maroon 5, but there’s no denying that that band has had hit after hit after hit!
    And I’m also a big fan of ice cream, any ice cream, all year round 😉

    1. I’ve yet to see the UK version, but I tend to prefer them to the US in most cases! You’re definitely right about Maroon 5, too – I hadn’t realised just how many of their songs I knew until then! And I can’t help but echo your ice cream sentiments 🙂

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