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January 2019 Favourites

It’s been a few months since we had a standard monthly favourites post, but I’m thrilled to be back with my January 2019 favourites! This post is a bit belated, too, but I wanted to share it still–and hopefully give you a few ideas to bring into your own life! Catch up on our past months’ posts here, then read on for this month’s.

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With the incessant cold we’ve had here in Pennsylvania, plus an assortment of health issues, fuzzy socks have been my most-utilised piece of clothing for the month!


I’m well into my 2019 bullet journal and it’s working wonderfully so far!


I’ve listened to remarkably little music this month, which is rather concerning, honestly!


Early on in the month, I made some vegan copycat “Hamburger Helper” that was to die for–it reminded me so much of the nostalgic easy meal from when I was young, with none of the cruelty!

Another pasta dish, and another shot of nostalgia: my mom made a childhood favourite, stuffed shells, for the whole family and made me my own little tray of vegan shells with Gardein mince! I may have finished the tray that same night.

Looking for a lighter version? Check out our recipe for salad stuffed shells!


Besides my usual liquid diet of Dunkin’ iced tea, McDonald’s Coke, and plenty of coffee, I had a magical discovery in the realm of drinks towards the end of this month: the new blueberry acai Diet Coke is AMAZING with a bit of vanilla rum!


Although I’ve set the lofty goal of reading 100 books this year, I’m woefully behind after being sick most of this month, and playing catch-up on work when I wasn’t.  I finished the first two books in Collins Hemingways’ The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen series) and read an advance copy of  Wanda Deglane’s Lady Saturn for a blurb (check out the reviews of all three on Pencils & Pages!).  I’ve got some more reviews lined up soon and I’m hoping to add in more reading for reading’s sake in February, too!


I finally finished Kitchen Nightmares this month, as well as nine of the ten episodes of Castle Rock.  I started watching Tidying Up, too–as a long-time Marie Kondo fan, it’s a must-see!


I’ve done little in this category throughout the month, which is definitely something I’d like to work on in February.  Lots of learning through experience, but very little actual learning, whether through Duolingo or courses.


This has been one of my busiest months yet in terms of work!

At my day job, I’ve been trying to earn a bit extra each week to pay off some extra debt, one of my top goals for this year.  Being sick so frequently this month definitely got in the way there, but I did decently all things considered!


It was a big month in terms of writing, especially.  Thanks to lots of bed rest, a whole lot of preparation, and some amazing publications opening their submissions this month, I submitted more than 250 pieces to over 65 magazines and other projects!

This is definitely a bit outrageous, but I’ve legitimately enjoyed it.  I take time for each submission to read through previous issues where applicable, study what they’re looking for, and pick the best pieces possible.  I’m still not the best at gauging what will be an especially good fit, but I have gotten so much better!

I was thrilled to start off the year with quite a few acceptances too (and lots of rejections–more than 25% of my year goal of 100!).  I’ve had poems accepted and published with Royal Rose Mag, Brave Voices Magazine, and Marias at Sampaguitas, and accepted and forthcoming with Anti-Heroin Chic, Elephants Never, Peeking Cat Poetry, Kissing Dynamite, Neologism, and the She Will Speak Series.

And that’s just from January!  I’ve got pieces forthcoming from 2018 acceptances still, plus lots of submissions pending.  I can’t wait to see how much more comes as the year goes forward!

Late in the month, I also started sending out the manuscript for my micro-chapbook, Boleyn, as well as my second chapbook, How My Cat Saved My Life and Other Poems.

I started an anthology project, Stanzas from the Silence, for which I’m trying to find a home.  We’ll hopefully be taking submissions soon!

As for Nightingale & Sparrow, our submissions period for our inaugural issue, flight, ended on 31 January.  We’ve had so many amazing submissions and I’m so excited to share the final product soon!  We’ve also been sharing a series of micropoems on social media in preparation for the issue, so be sure to check those out too.


Here on For the Sake of Good Taste, we featured our first guest post of the year just last week, which was super exciting!

I’ve also started looking for a few early readers for Swap It!, which should be coming your way before you know it.  If you’re interested in reviewing an advance copy and haven’t yet reached out, please do!

Another big blogging milestone this month was the launch of Pencils & Pages, the new bookish-themed off-shoot of both For the Sake of Good Taste and my own writing endeavours.  Now you’ll find book reviews alongside writing insights over on the blog at my writing website!  This was a big step in FTSOGT really claiming it’s place as a vegan lifestyle blog and it’s been amazing so far.


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January 2019 Favourites


January 2019 Favourites


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