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Items to Throw Away Right Now

Preparing to reset for the new year?  What better way to reset than by decluttering? It might be a little intimidating to contemplate completely decluttering your life in the next few days, however.  So, let’s start with baby steps!  Read on to find items to throw out right now in preparation for the new year.

Sad, lonely items

One sock that you set aside months ago in hopes of finding its friend. The single earring that’s been solo for longer than you’ve had the pair. That partial deck of cards that must have the other 17 cards around somewhere. Let them go.


When was the last time you cleaned our your spice rack? If you’re anything like me, you’ve got dozens of spices collected so every recipe is just right. Go through and double-check expiration dates, toss those that are expired or can no longer be used.


Head from the spice cabinet to the pantry! Non-perishables last an awfully long time, but not forever. Make sure they’re still good and, while you’re at it, see what you’ve got in there. You’ll know not to grab more canned corn the next time you get groceries—you already have seven cans.

Receipts and Wrappers

Do you carry a purse, backpack, or briefcase?  Chances are you’ve collected quite a few receipts, wrappers, and other miscellanies in there since the last time you cleaned it (if you’ve cleaned it at all!).  Take five minutes and take everything out.  With the exception of receipts for major purchases (file them away!) or those you keep for budgeting purposes (chances are you don’t keep those crumpled at the bottom of your bag), you can through these out by default.

Office Supplies

Highlighters, Sharpies, and washable markers dry out.  Pencils and crayons break.  Pens run out of ink.  Take a few minutes to test out your office supplies and toss those that aren’t up to par.  Not sure what to keep on hand?  Check out our top office supplies for college students!

Old Clothes

Now, if you’ve had a jumper in the back of your closet for years that you don’t wear, it may be better donated.  But those too-big sweats covered in holes and paint stains?  It’d be better off in the trash now.  A good rule of thumb:  if you legitimately can’t wear it, chances are no one else could.

Broken or Unused Appliances/Electronics

That old laptop that hasn’t turned on in a decade?  Toss it (in the appropriate manner!).  That salad spinner you bought and never used?  Donate it!

Expired Household Goods

Food isn’t the only thing that expires.  Now is a great time to sort through your makeup (after Christmas sales are a great place to find cheap gift sets to replace those you toss!), your cleaning supplies, and whatever other household items are cluttering your home and, by extension, your life.

What other items are you throwing away to reset for the new year?

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Items to Throw Away Right Now


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