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Holiday Travel Bucket List

Though I haven’t done much of it lately, I love to travel!  My travel bucket list is coming in the new year, but, in the meantime, I’m sharing holiday events around the world that I would love to be a part of someday.

I might not ever to get to any of these, much less all of them.  But, a girl can dream!

Winter Light Festival; Portland, Oregon

The Winter Light Festival is “a city-wide event showcasing illuminated art installations, vibrant performances, and stunning kinetic fire sculptures throughout our city.” If the pictures do it any justice, it’s absolutely stunning!

Last year, I visited a local home that puts together a gorgeous light display and I loved it–I can only imagine the beauty at this scale!

World Ice Art Festival; Fairbanks, Alaska

With my minimal talent in the visual arts, the fact that people can make elaborate sculptures out of pieces of ice is absolutely mind-blowing to me! The artists are incredibly talented and I’d be thrilled to see it in person.

Winter Wonderland; Hyde Park, London

I already know that I adore London, so this one’s near the top of my list.  There are so many ways to spend your time in Winter Wonderland that I’m not sure I’d be able to decide on where to start! An excuse to see London again and celebrate the holidays at such a wonderful (pun intended) spot? Yes, please!

Polar Express; Durango, Colorado

I’ve seen a few different iterations of Polar Express rides, but this one from the Colorado Railroad Museum seems to be the most “official” of them! I really enjoy train rides and Polar Express has undoubtedly become a modern Christmas classic.  That sounds like a winning combination to me!

Papal Mass; Vatican City

I’m a huge fan of the present Pope and would absolutely love to see him in person someday.  A  Christmas Eve mass would make for an even better version of this dream!

Tree Lighting Ceremony; Rockefeller Center, New York

I’ve been lucky enough to visit New York City near Christmastime a few times, but I’ve never experienced the full glory of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.  I would love to experience the tree lighting itself!  Plus, it would be an excuse to see Tiffany’s window display, which is always a plus.

Christmas Market; Valkenburg, The Netherlands

“Christmas Market Velvet Cave” sounds pretty darn good to me!  Like the others on this list, this Christmas market looks wonderful.  Plus, the proceeds go toward the Valkenburg Castle Foundation:  I don’t know about you, but I am always in support of supporting castles!

Rose Parade; Pasadena, California

Roses are my favourite flower, so this New Year’s celebration is right up my alley!

Charles Dickens Festival; Deventer, The Netherlands

Literary celebrations of anything are kind of my favourite, so this is perfect!  Bleak House is my favourite Dickens piece (I know, I know, I’m a pretentious English major ugh.), but I don’t doubt that I can get into the holiday spirit with some of his other works.

Hogwarts in the Snow; Warner Bros. Studio, London

Harry Potter and the holidays? Yes, please!  While I’m not totally sold on Harry Potter’s place in Christmas movie lineups, I still won’t turn down an excuse to watch the films or read the books . . . or otherwise celebrate the fandom.  It’s just a bonus that this happens to take place in one of my favourite cities, too!

Ice Skating at Ingólfstorg Square; Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is another city near the top of my bucket list (I was almost able to visit while I was still in the UK, but unfortunately my plans fell through!).

Bath Christmas Market; Bath, UK

I missed the Bath Christmas Market by just a few weeks while living in the city and I’m still bummed that I missed out.  The city of Bath is absolutely amazing all alone, but I can only imagine how great it is over the holidays!  A bonus?  From their website: “This year, Bath Christmas Market is going green! Watch out for cheerful decorations made using recycled plastic bags and bottles, designed by Christine Leech, Creative Director of Marie Claire Runway Magazine.”

Check out our Traveller’s Guide to Bath for more about my favourite city!

Holiday Travel Bucket List

Have you been to any of these holiday events from around the world, or would you go given the chance? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Blogmas


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