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Halloween Bullet Journal Spreads

I enjoy a lot of holidays, but I think Halloween is my absolute favourite.  Is this because my birthday is the day before? Well, that might be a contributing factor…. I started getting into the spooky spirit early this year, and decided that the month of October here on For the Sake of Good Taste should be devoted to all things Halloween!  Of course, this became a bullet journal spread, which inspired this post:  Halloween bullet journal spreads!

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These can be adapted for your holiday of choice (anyone celebrating Samhain?), or for a more general autumn theme. I’m not a great artist, but I tried to freehand most of the doodles and decorations—if you really wanted to make it pretty (and also lack artistic abilities), you could always use stickers or printed images to add some scary flare!

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As I mentioned above, this post was inspired by the spread I created of Halloween-themed post ideas. I did something similar at the start of this Halloween bullet journal section, creating a sort of table of contents for these spreads!


While I don’t get to many of them with my work schedule, I try to attend or participate in at least one Halloween parade every year. I created a spread to keep track of when each local parade and other event occurs.  This could also be great for tracking local trick or treating events for your little ones!


For me, this is an easy to grab spread of vegan-friendly Halloween treats. You could also list out your & your family’s favourites!

Bucket List

Did I create an autumn bucket list and a Halloween bucket list? You betcha. What can I say, it’s my favourite time of year! Mine still have plenty of room for new additions, too.

Movies to Watch

My mom, sister, and I watch scary movies all year round, but it’s extra special when Halloween comes around.  Keep track of all of your favourites in a movie spread!  You could even take this a step further with separate spreads for scary movies and non-scary Halloween movies, or films by a particular creator (Tim Burton, anyone?) or in a specific series.

Books/Stories to Read

Did you expect me, a writer, to not include some scary stories? Similarly to films, track your favourite spooky books and shorter works to really get in the Halloween spirit.

Mood Tracker

I turned to Pinterest for inspiration, of course, and came across so many adorable ghost mood trackers!  You could change these to whatever themed image you’d like—I used pumpkins, but gravestones, potion ingredients, candies, and so many other options could work!


Do you make your own Halloween candy or PSL? Keep track of your go-to recipes or those you want to try this fall in a recipe spread!


While this isn’t an explicitly spooky spread, I always associate Inktober with Halloween just because of the proximity. You could even challenge yourself to make each of the prompts something Halloween-y!

Halloween Theme

Even if you don’t create these Halloween-themed spreads, you can still make your bullet journal festive!  Try a Halloween theme for your “normal” monthly spreads, or mix it up with something more specific!

Curious about the tools I used in these spreads? They’re Paper Mate Flair felt tip pens* in medium point and Crayola Super Tips,* in an Artist’s Loft dotted journal in navy!

Have you set up any Halloween bullet journal spreads? Let us know in the comments!

Halloween Bullet Journal Spreads


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