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Gift Guide for Pets

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to squeeze in any and all last-minute shopping.  And, of course, this should include all of the family–including those of the furry & feathered sort! With today’s gift guide for pets, you can be sure your four-legged friends have just as great a holiday as their humans.

If shopping online, be sure to double-check shipping dates to make sure your order will be here in time!

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Litter Genie*

I was lucky enough to get a litter genie as gift a while back and it was the perfect present!  Especially on low-spoon days, it makes it so much easier to stay on top of Fitz‘s litter box.  And, even more importantly, he’s a lot happier about using it!

Pet Heating Pad*

Our family dog, Cooper, was diagnosed with Lyme disease a few years back so, like me, he suffers from joint pain. I’ll definitely be saving up to gift him one of these soon!

Set of (Bird) Toys*

I’ve linked to a 3-pack of bird toys here, but this is a great gift for any pet! Especially around the holidays, it’s easy to find a set of toys for your pet in particular.

A New Cage or Tank*

When was the last time your small pet got to experience their very own moving day?  Upgrade or their cage/tank/etc. or replace their current home with a brand-new version of the same.

House or Condo*

Fido or Fluffy a bit too big for a fish tank? Pick up a pet house or condo for them–and sprinkle some catnip on it to make sure your cat falls in love!

Pet Camera*

Want to check in on your pup/cat/etc. while you’re out of the house? Do all that and more with a Furbo Dog Camera* or similar device. This particular camera features livestream video, two-way audio, Alexa capabilities, and can even give your pet a treat!

Christmas Sweater*

Not all pets are fond of dressing up, but some genuinely seem to love it–and it makes a big difference for some tiny pups or hairless cats! Sometimes you can even coordinate your pets’ sweaters with your own and add an extra layer of adorable–photo cards this year, anyone?

Collar*, Harness*, or Leash*

If you use them often, chances are your pet’s harness, collar, or leash have seen better days. You can even get a special festive leash* just for this time of year!


I’m willing to guess that your pet has been a very good boy/girl this year (or is cute enough to get away with it otherwise).  Get them some treats in time for the holidays so you can snack on Christmas cookies and they can enjoy something, too.

Will you be ordering anything from our gift guide for your pets this holiday season?

Gift Guide for Pets


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