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Things to Organise

Organising overall is a major lifestyle change; you won’t organise once and never fix it up again.  But you don’t always need to sit down for a long weekend and go through everything at once.  Sometimes, all you need is a few minutes to tackle one thing. These easy things to organise right now are just enough to make you feel all the more productive!


Is your inbox filled with hundreds of messages, unread or opened?  Purge, purge, purge!  Quickly scan through and delete what you don’t need (no, you don’t need those seventeen Sephora discount codes).  Feeling adventurous? Add some folders for those emails you need to archive!

Your planner

Or your bullet journal, or your phone calendar.  Update your index or add in those events coming up this new year before they slip your mind!

The floor

If your living room is covered in toys or your bedroom is carpeted with clothes,  take a few minutes and put these things in their proper place.

“The chair”

“The chair” is a semi-universal construct, the one chair that seems to get covered with everything and anything.  Firstly, don’t move those items from the floor to “the chair!”  Then go to “the chair” or its equivalent—a corner, a bin, or whatever you use to corral your clutter—and get it tidied!

Your bag

There’s a good chance that you use some sort of bag everyday, whether that’s a purse, tote, backpack, or wallet.  Take a few minutes to take everything out of the bag, then get rid of the trash and organise what you need to keep in there.

 The junk drawer

If you have a junk drawer, it could almost definitely use some organisation. Make it your miscellany drawer if you must, but don’t let it stay junky!

Your bed

Change your sheets and make the bed!  Imagine how well you’ll sleep tonight.  If you have lavender spray or essential oil, add some for extra cosy relaxation.

The car

That Subway bag won’t suddenly become valuable.  Nobody need 4359 Starbucks napkins.  You can even vacuum and wash the car if you’re feeling motivated!

Your desk

Or your work area if you use another sort of space. Take some time to sort through the papers scattered about and put pens and markers back in there places.  File and sort your items if you have extra time!

The fridge

Toss out those leftovers from three weeks ago and that salad dressing that’s turned rancid.  Your good food will thank you!


For some reason, I’ve always found pairing socks to be relaxing.  If you don’t, sorry—but go sort through your socks!

Your nightstand

Or the equivalent thereof.  If it’s a mess, how can you expect to sleep peacefully?


Take a breath.  Meditate if that’s your thing.  Take a nap.  Watch Netflix.  Just take a few minutes for yourself!  You deserve it.


Things to Organise


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