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My Dream Christmas Wishlist

When my mom asked me what I want for my birthday and Christmas this year (they’re just close enough to make a combined list!), I sent her a link to an Amazon wish list with quite the variety of things.  With more books than I need (I already need another bookshelf!) and a few special goodies, it was primarily things I need–vitamins, my favourite toner, some socks (I desperately need socks!).  With this almost-painful level of adulting, I thought it would be fun to share my dream Christmas wish list!

Of course, this in no way reflects any reasonable Christmas wishes of mine (unless someone really wants to perform a Christmas miracle, in which case I won’t stop you!). But, it’s a fun chance to daydream about a fantasy Christmas!

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Student loan bills paid off

I think the whole world would be a little better off (except the companies, but they’d manage) if student loan bills could magically disappear.

Farm animals

Just a few minutes away from my parents’ house, there are two miniature horses and, as of recently, an assortment of goats.  I’ve only interacted with them by freaking out as we drive by (“Mom, you don’t understand.  I love them.”), but I adore them nevertheless.  Now, I know I’m in no way cut out for an actual farm lifestyle.  But, this is a fantasy for a reason and I would love to have a group of them of my own (and maybe some alpacas and cows, too!).

A service dog

As you’ll know if you’re a long-time reader here on the blog, I was actually planning to adopt and train a service dog in my final year of college. But, the fates intervened and I got my emotional support cat, Fitz, instead.  But, with my various conditions slowly worsening over time, I’m reminded all too frequently of how much this need persists.  My dream match is a German shepherd named Capote (Poe, for short).

Unlimited amounts of coffee and tea

Preferably an assortment, so I’d never get bored!  I love both coffee and tea and would love an endless supply.

Nearly anything from Tiffany’s

This is another one you could probably guess if you’ve been around a while.  I have a bit of an obsession with Tiffany’s. While I do own a few pieces, I would pretty much always love additions to my collection.  To go full-on fantasy?  A Tiffany engagement ring would be the biggest of dreams (someone tell my future husband, okay?).

An apartment

I wouldn’t even need a big fancy house to be content!  #MillennialProblems.  A two-bedroom apartment with rent pre-paid (one room would be my office/library/cat room!) is pretty much the dream.

A rose gold Macbook

I’ve got to be specific on this one because I’ve got a slight obsession with all things rose gold.  I was able to get a Mac when I first went to college (thank you, scholarships!), but it died after just the first two years.  Nevertheless, I still prefer them to PC and would convert back in a heartbeat!

Universal vegan options

A poorly cooked eggplant or fries does not count here.  I’d settle for three solid options universally and be beyond content.

A universal ban on animal testing

Similarly to my prior item, a universal ban on animal testing would make me absolutely ecstatic.  I shouldn’t have to go through three different websites before buying a lipstick just to ensure that a new-to-me brand is cruelty-free.  I’m no scientist, but it seems like our science is advanced enough to test products without the brutality (I mean, brands that are confirmed to be cruelty-free do it, so. . . . ).

An iPhone that won’t be defunct in six months

Seriously, who can afford to upgrade these things every time they stop supporting features or old models?  An iPhone that will last a few years (and make it worth the hefty price tag) would be great.  As it stands, I’m probably moving to Android for my next device!

Healing powers

This one probably isn’t much of a surprise. I would love to heal myself and others, both physically and mentally.  I’ve seen so many wonderful people suffer from various ailments and I would love to alleviate the pain.

My favourite shows and movies on Netflix/Hulu

I’m infinitely grateful for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, but there’s always a show or film that I want to watch and can’t find on it.  In a perfect world, I could just wish for them to be there and they would be!

The ability to increase animal life expectancies

The biggest problem with existence, in my opinion, is that animals don’t live as long as their humans. I know my life would be better knowing my beloved fur children could grow old beside me!

Infinite bullet journal supplies

Even if you’ve only read a few posts here on For the Sake of Good Taste, you probably know how crucial my bullet journal is to my day-to-day life. In the process of using it, I can’t believe how quickly some of my favourite pens die!  A never-ending supply would solve all of my problems on this front.

Record book sales

Now, I’m not talking actual world records here–even in my wildest dreams, that seems too far-fetched for my tiny chapbook! But, breaking my personal record for book sales with Mistakes Were Madewould be amazing.

A personal library

I’m talking Beauty and the Beast level!  My sole over-stuffed bookshelf can hardly hold my favourites, much less my TBR list.  A fully stocked, gigantic library? That would do just fine.

My Dream Christmas Wishlist

What’s on your dream Christmas wish list?

Happy Blogmas


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