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Alternative Wrapping Ideas

Like most people, I love the shiny, festive wrapping papers that come out each Christmas.  But, this wrapping paper is neither particularly budget-friendly nor environmentally friendly.  That being said, here is a variety of creative alternative wrapping ideas for Christmas (or other gift-giving holidays!).

Brown paper

Wrapping a present in brown kraft paper might not have the glitz of traditional wrapping, but its rustic feel (I always imagine it tied off with twine!) has an appeal all its own.  If you want something a bit more festive, get crafty!  Make some festive doodles in holiday-coloured sharpies or craft some original decorations.  It will make the present even more personalised!

Mason jars

Now, you can’t expect a post this Pinterest-y to not include a few mason jars!  While they’re most commonly used when giving gifts like a baking mix, get creative!  They can hold not only foodstuff but any other small gifts (the bullet journaler in me immediately thinks of washi tape!).

Baskets and bins

You don’t need to order someone a pre-made gift basket in order to make the most of this simple wrapping method.  A reusable basket, box, or bin is a unique way to deliver your gift–and the recipient gets a bonus gift out of it!


Do you have a 1987 atlas for some reason, which you know you’ll never pick up? Use some pretty map pages to wrap your gift!

Gift bags and boxes

This one may not be as unusual as others on this list, but it is an alternative to wrapping paper.  For as long as I can remember, my family has reused gift bags among ourselves for birthdays and holidays.  We’re still using a few from when I was a little kid!  That’s certainly a lot longer lifespan than your average roll of wrapping paper.

Book pages

I’m not sure I could bring myself to do this to an actual book personally, but small gifts can be wrapped in the pages of books that would be otherwise thrown out.  Photocopies would probably work too, to save the book!


This one takes some patience, but you can wrap your entire present in yarn!  I imagine it might be easier with a layer of kraft paper underneath.  Or, if you’re even more crafty (and far more talented than I am), you could even knit a reusable cover for some standard-sized boxes.


Call me strange, but I love the look of gifts wrapped in newspaper, especially the comics section!


Put some leftover scraps of fabric to good use or use a fabric item–a bag, a piece of clothing, a blanket, etc.–as wrapping and a built-in gift!

Paper napkins

I actually heard this one for the first time while listening to the Who Knew? podcast.  You know those fancy paper napkins you buy for a holiday or event but can’t quite bring yourself to use?  Apparently, they’re perfect for wrapping small gifts!  I haven’t tested this one out for myself yet, but I love the concept.


This one comes from How Stuff Works. But don’t let the wording fool you–you don’t necessarily need to go to the hardware store for this one!  Any bucket-like item can work for your favourite person.  Have a chef on your hands? A mixing bowl or pot can hold a gift! I’m sure there are plenty of interests that a bucket will fit perfectly, but get creative!

Alternative Wrapping Ideas

What alternative methods have you used to wrap gifts?

Happy Blogmas


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