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Christmas Decor Tour

My mom has a slight obsession with Christmas decorations.  As in, there are 9 trees set up throughout the house as of my first draft of this post.  Over the years, I’ve chosen a few favourite Christmas decorations, which I’ve chosen to showcase in today’s Christmas decor tour!

Our collective taste is pretty eclectic, but somehow it all seems to work out in the end.


I’m lucky enough to work from home, so I get to enjoy the indoor decorations more often than not!

Charlie Brown Tree

This year, while home for the holidays, I’ve hit the Christmas decoration jackpot.  Mom’s allowed Fitz and I to have the Charlie Brown tree all to ourselves!

Charlie Brown Tree
Please excuse Fitz’s treats in the background!

Reindeer Countdown

I get strangely excited when I get to change the reindeer’s number each day!

Reindeer countdown

Christmas lights

Throughout the house, fairy lights are one of my favourite decorations, all year long, really!  But it’s especially true come Christmastime, when they’re out in full force.  My favourite this year are these tiny green battery-operated lights decorating the Charlie Brown tree and the shelf around it.

O Holy Night sign

Another minor detail, but I absolutely love this tiny sign hung up in the living room.

O holy night sign


Probably the most functional of our holiday decor!  While they aren’t hung by the chimney with care, I love the annual setup of the stocking along the stairs.



Joy Light

Mom picked up this tiny “Joy” sign to add to my personal holiday display and I love it!

joy light

Tiny tree

Amidst the many, many Christmas trees in and around the house (and my Charlie Brown tree!), this tiny tree stands out as yet another favourite.  Can a fake tree have personality? Because this one certainly seems to.  I insist that he needs a teeny tiny Santa hat, but Mom disagrees.

tiny christmas tree

Holiday cards

For years now, Mom has taken to displaying the cards we receive each year on a string of garland.  It adds such a lovely personal touch to the decorations!

Christmas Cards garland

(Literal) Sleigh Bells

The last of my personal decorations, Fitz loves this little sleigh of bells!

sleigh bells


To be entirely honest, I don’t spend too much time outside this time of year.  My health has enough issues without standing in below freezing temperatures for any amount of time! But, I do still have a few favourites from the outside Christmas decor.

Carl the Dinosaur

Or, Bob, depending on the day you’ve asked.  This light-up dinosaur is one of my all-time favourite Christmas decorations!

Carl the Dinosaur


This star is gorgeous and so festive! “A star, a star dancing in the night . . . . “

Christmas star


Unlike most of these, this little guy hangs out in the back yard.  But look at that face!

Penguin decor

Christmas Elephant

This holly jolly elephant also goes by Bob at least some of the time.

Christmas elephant

Parkway Holiday Duck

This one isn’t a part of our family’s decorations, but it’s a family favourite nevertheless.  Each year, the local borough decorates the town’s parkway with a variety of lit-up decorations.  One of them is this festive duck! Mom has long since declared him to be the best of the decorations–he’s even got his own Facebook “place!”

Parkway Holiday Duck

Tiny Reindeer

We’ve had the classic light-up reindeer for as long as I can remember, but we got this miniature one a few years back and I fell in love!  In my opinion, he’s the most important of the decorations.  Yet, he’s somehow not gone out this season!  I would have done so if myself if I had any idea where my family had put him last year.  But I had to mention him regardless!  #justicefortinyreindeer

Christmas Decor Tour

What are your favourite Christmas decorations?

Happy Blogmas


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