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Bullet Journal Tools - My Favourite Stationery

If you haven’t caught on by posts like my 6 Top Office Supplies for College Students, I really like stationery.  When I’m not collecting supplies to make my pencil case a bit more pretty, I’m probably using it to bullet journal!  In the process, I’ve definitely found some supplies that are, in my mind, well above the rest, whether in quality, uses, or personal preference. Today I’m sharing some of my favourite stationery products and bullet journal tools!

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My mom bought a pack of these after seeing them in some bullet journal Facebook groups and found she loved them. Soon after, I got my own! I’m hoping to finish my collection someday soon – I only have two of the small packs so far.

Two often missed fun facts about these pens:  they aren’t midliners (despite the logical progression from highlighters!) and they’re actually double-sided! When I first learnt about the smaller, finer end, I couldn’t see much of a use for it in comparison to the “normal” end. After using these for a while now, though, I’ve come to love them both!

Staedtler fineliners*


I only have a five-pack of these so far (this four-pack* with an added grey pen), but I absolutely love them!  I especially enjoy the built-in easel added into their plastic case. This 36-count pack* is next on my wishlist until I can eventually buy the 50-pack with all 48 colours!

In the meantime, though, my mom happens to have the big pack herself and she’s kind enough to share!  Because of that, I have access to plenty of colours most of the time and I can honestly say that they are absolutely stunning. The pens write beautifully and the colours are vivid and of a great variety.

Sakura Pigma Microns


My all-time favourite pens! I use these for drawing out spreads, signing books, and everything in between.  These don’t have as long of a lifespan as most of the others listed here, between the fragility of the tip and the ease with which the label (and, consequently, the marking of which size if which) wears out after a bit of use). Still, I love these pens and would definitely recommend them!

Fountain pen*

Fountain Pen

Some backstory: I once bought a calligraphy set from an estate sale that was opened, but unused. I brought it home with an awful lot of excitement but found that, no matter how hard I tried, I would only rip through the paper when using the fountain pen.

Fast forward to a few months ago, when my sister brought home a fountain pen for an art project. After watching her go over her drawings with it, I asked to borrow it for a minute and retry. As it turns out, the ink cartridges were most likely dried out in that old kit – I could successfully write with a fountain pen! Now, I’ve got my very own!

Follow-up a few months after writing that first bit:  unfortunately, this pen specifically stopped working not long after my purchasing it. I’m hoping to get a slightly better quality the next time around so this hopefully won’t occur again! 

Dixon Ticonderoga pencils*

Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils

I mentioned these in my top office supplies for college students, but they’re worth another shoutout! For bullet journaling, these are great for sketching out spreads before finalising them in your ink of choice. However, I pretty much use them for anything and everything!  Additionally, these were my pencil of choice through seventeen years of schooling—they’re perfect for back to school!

Washi tape*

I love washi tape for its endless design options and limitless uses! Sometimes it’s just the pop of colour or theme-coordinating design to make a spread perfect. I have far more rolls than any sane person should own, but I love it nevertheless.  I haven’t tried those linked above yet, so let me know your thoughts if you do!

My collection is a bit excessive, with rolls from Michael’s, AliExpress, and gifts. From pet themes to polka dots, I almost always have the perfect colour or design! Whether you’re adding a pop of colour to something in your bedroom or you’re updating your bullet journal spread, washi is probably the perfect solution.



Or correcting product of choice. When I don’t use a pencil first (or even sometimes when I do!) I turn to whatever type of wite-out I have on hand to save the day. . . and that bit of my journal. From a misplaced mark to an overdrawn line, cover-it is ideal for making your pages look a bit more streamlined.

Keep in mind that this works better for pages that are of a similar shade of white. Of course, you can use it on off-white or cream pages, but if the colour difference will bother you, this might not be the best solution. An erasable pen may be a solution in this case!

Bullet Journal Tools - My Favourite Stationery

These aren’t all of my bullet journal tools and supplies, but they are some of my favourites!  What are your favourite school/office supplies or bullet journal tools?


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  1. My favorite school supplies are the Papermate Flair pen, the Papermate InkJoy pen, or the colorful dual-tip markers from Erin Condren. I am such a fanatic for colorful pens when I am writing. When I need a regular black ink pen, though, I usually go for the Pilot G-2 or the medium BIC Round-Stic pen.

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