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Bullet Journal Spreads for Students

I’ve been out of school for over a year now (how??), but my bullet journal became my best friend in my last year and a half of college–and I can only imagine how helpful it would have been in high school!  Here are some of the best ideas for bullet journal spreads for students to help you get organised for the new school year.

Since I’m not in school myself, I don’t have many of these in my current bullet journal (though I’ve used many in previous books!).  Want a more visual representation of these and other bullet journal spreads? I recommend Pinterest–we’ve even got a full board of bullet journalling pins!

This post is in no way affiliated with the official Bullet Journal brand.

Back-to-School Checklist

Setting up your school bullet journal (or section of your bullet journal) early? Add in a checklist to make sure you’ve purchased and done whatever is necessary before class starts.  This could work as a shopping/packing list, or as a to-do list to get yourself ready for the new year!

Assignment Tracker

As soon as you get your syllabi, add your assignments into a tracker.  Sure, some due dates and details might move around, but you’ll have a great bird’s eye view of the semester ahead!

Class Schedule

Similarly, copy down your weekly class schedule.  You can mark when and where classes meet, your professor’s contact information, or anything else to have an at-a-glance view of what’s to come.

Extracurricular Calendar

In high school, we had an “activity period” where clubs and other organisations met once a week. At one point, I was in all but one of them–and only because you had to be on a certain sports team to join!  That being said, I definitely would have benefited from an extracurricular calendar. Mark out when and where your clubs and activities meet and never miss a meeting!

Study Tracker

Extracurriculars are fun, but studying is a pretty important part of the school year.  Make sure you’re staying on track by keeping a study tracker!  Set a goal, whether it’s studying three nights a week or every day.  Use a tracker to make sure you hit that goal!

Attendance Tracker

This one is especially important in college!  As a student with an array of chronic illnesses, I missed more classes than I would have liked.  With an attendance tracker, you can keep track of how many absences are allotted by a professor and how many classes you’ve missed so far.


If you decide to have a separate bullet journal or section just for school, you could even keep notes for your courses alongside these spreads!  Even if you just use it for major study sessions (like before finals!), it’s a great way to keep the important stuff in one place … and maybe a good motivator to make extra pretty notes (#studyspo, anyone?).

Progress toward Graduation

Chances are, there are certain courses and other milestones you need to meet before graduating.  What better place to keep track than in your bullet journal?

Will you be using any of these bullet journal spreads for students as you head back to school? Let us know in the comments, or tag us on Instagram!

Bullet Journal Spreads for Students


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