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If you don’t know already, my bullet journal is sometimes the only thing keeping me sane.  This year, I’m trying to utilise its full potential and incorporate some holiday trackers and other festive spreads!

I’ll detail the spreads I’m using myself first, then list some additional ideas that might be of interest.

This post is in no way affiliated with the official Bullet Journal brand.

My Holiday Bullet Journal Spreads

Winter/Holiday Bucket List

I’m doing a winter bucket list myself (I did an autumn bucket list too, though I’m afraid it wasn’t very successful).  For me, this contains everything from drinking some of my favourite peppermint hot cocoa and looking at Christmas lights to taking a walk in the snow and preparing for the new year.

winter bucket list

Christmas Countdown

Or a countdown for whatever holidays you celebrate!  You might not need a reminder of such a special day, but this will definitely build a bit of extra anticipation. I’m in full support of extra excitement!

I created 24 of these little lights & ornaments (I’m not exactly a talented artist, but these are an example of some of the better ones!) to colour in throughout the season.

christmas countdown - closeup

Gift List

Whoever you’re buying gifts for this season, keeping track can make it a lot easier!  You can list who you want to buy presents for, your ideas for what you want to buy, what you’ve already bought, and even mark when you’ve wrapped your gifts!

The lines in mine are rather wonky because I worked on this one during a pain flare, but it’s effective!  I have columns for the recipient’s name, the gift, the budget allocated, amount spent, the store I purchased it from, whether I’ve received it (for any online purchases), whether it’s wrapped, and whether it’s been sent or delivered, as well as a bonus column for notes!

christmas gift list

Card List

Similarly to a gift list, planning out and tracking the cards you send out will simplify the process.  Keep track of cards you’ve received and want to reply to, cards you still need to send, and even addresses for those loved ones you want to send a special card to–that way you won’t need to look up addresses, too!

I kept mine simple with a list of names and boxes for the card being written, addressed, stamped, and sent.

christmas card tracker

Treats to Bake

Do you have a Pinterest board filled with festive recipes you mean to make, but keep putting off? Make yourself a tracker and get cooking!  You can keep it simple with a list or doodle each treat to colour in as you bake/make them.

My tray of cookies isn’t particularly pretty, but it gets the job done!

christmas treats tracker

Movies to Watch

I don’t know about you, but I love holiday movies.  By sitting down early and writing out my favourites, I barely have to think to put on a film! In fact, I’ve already made progress on a few.

holiday movie tracker

Holiday Story/Reading Tracker

I’m listing some of my favourite stories here in advance and I plan to add some poems throughout the season as I inevitably come across them.  Let me know if you have any suggestions!

christmas reading list


Dinner Menu & Shopping List

Since any vegan food is exclusively for me by default (no one else will eat it, really!), I get to be pretty creative for Christmas dinner!  I attempted to make my actual “menu” a bit more fancy, taking inspiration from some wedding menu cards, but I kept my shopping list nice and simple.

shopping list

Blogmas Planner

I couldn’t help but include Blogmas! This includes the date and shortened post title, plus boxes to check off for when the text is finished, pictures are ready, and the post is scheduled (T, P, & F), as well as when it’s been shared to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest (f, t, i, & p).

blogmas spread

DIY/Crafts to Try

One of the items on my 101 in 1,001 list is to try some Pinterest crafts and one of my winter bucket list items is to make an ornament. So, some crafting is in order!

More Holiday Bullet Journal Spreads:

  1. Travel/trip planner
  2. Stocking stuffer ideas
  3. Holiday party planner
  4. Calendar for tracking plans/events
  5. Wishlists
  6. Holiday memories
  7. Festive doodles
  8. Tracker for any food allergies/preferences in guests
  9. Holiday budget
  10. Holiday to-do list
  11. Favourite holiday songs
  12. Holiday quotes
  13. Secret Santa organisation
  14. Decoration inventory
  15. Thank you note tracker
  16. New Year’s resolutions/goals/affirmations

Of course, you can’t forget themed weeklies, dailies, or monthly pages! I decided against using the holidays as a full monthly theme, but that would be another great way to incorporate some festive cheer into your bullet journal.  Plus, you can top it all off with a holiday cover page.

In fact, I did add a quick Christmas-y cover for my holiday pages! This song always gets stuck in my head as December comes to a start, so it was the perfect beginning.

christmas is coming

Or, as I realised while writing it, this could also be an uncharacteristically festive Game of Thrones reference!  Either way, I’ll take it.

Have you made any bullet journal holiday spreads yourself? Let us know in the comments what your favourites are!

Happy Blogmas


4 Replies to “Bullet Journal Holiday Spreads (Blogmas 2018, Day One)”

  1. I keep thinking I should do a bullet journal, but I think I would get lost in it, and end up using it as an excuse to not work on other projects!
    I’ll be sharing lots of handmade Christmas projects for Blogmas by the way, if you need some inspiration! I love it when I see that people want to craft 😀

    1. That might not be the best help for productivity! 🙂 I’ll definitely check out some of your projects–I’m not exactly good at crafting, but I love to do some simple projects!

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