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Of course, I’m of the opinion that you should be following For the Sake of Good Taste.  But it’s just one of the countless blogs that you seriously need to be following to get the most out of your internet life. Here’s a selection of some of the best blogs to follow (in my humble opinion).

Future Jules here!  It’s now November 2018 and I’m giving this post a quick makeover.  Some of these lovely bloggers have rebranded and a few are no long in the blogosphere, so I’m adjusting accordingly.  Even better?  I’m including even more amazing bloggers! 

A Little Ashley

*currently unavailable

Ashley recently graduated from Clemson University and is now getting her master’s in marketing research as well as blogging!  She describes her blog as being “about college tips, life advice, and other random ramblings.”

Check out:

Galveston Island Travel Guide

Simplified Planner Organization

Formal Dresses Under $70

July Highlights & Birthday Post

A Little Guide: Gameday

Julia Does

Julia’s blog covers sustainable living, mental health, college life, travel, and more!  She’s also the founder of The Empathy Collective, which I didn’t realise for far too long.

Check out:

Things My Anxiety Makes Me Do

How to be an Active Citizen

How to Make the Most of Your Syllabus

Why I Became Vegetarian

The Truth About Therapy

Living in Full Bloom

Alyssa from Living in Full Bloom describes her site as “a college advice blog focused on helping you have an amazing college experience!”  And she’s so right!  From organization advice to book recommendations, there’s something here for everyone.

Check out:

How to See Paris in Three Days (On a Budget)

8 Must-Have Summer Break Essentials

Adulting Hack:  I Tried Habit Trackers

How to Deal with Your Student Loans after College

How to Practice Self-Care in Your Twenties

Patience and Pajamas

In sharing her life with chronic illness, Peyton is one of the bloggers I relate to the most.  She’s incredibly honest about the struggles she encounters, but she still manages to be absolutely inspiring.  She’s also a college student and shares her college experience, too.

Check out:

3 Podcasts I am Loving Right Now

Flying with POTS: How I Prepare and What I Bring

Three Ways to Help Save Hundreds Shopping for Your College Dorm

What’s In My Hospital Bag? Infusion Edition

10 Things Not to Say to a Service Dog Handler

The Wise Willow

Another Alyssa and a fellow vegan!  She introduces herself as ” a third-year college student passionate about writing, minimalism, vegan living, and coffee.”  Is it any wonder we get along?  Plus, she’s got the best menu headings on her site, from “Literary Love” to “Inspiration and Musings.”  So creative—I love it!

Check out:

Your Comprehensive Guide to Cruelty-Free and Vegan Brands

DIY Gratitude Journal

The Art of Abandoning Your Comfort Zone

Traveling on a Tight Budget:  Tips & Tricks

Toothbrushes Made Out of Bamboo?

Lauren’s Journey

Lauren’s Journey is a mental health and lifestyle blog–with frequent appearances by some of the cutest furry friends!  Lauren is one of the sweetest people I’ve met through blogging and I’m so happy to call her a friend!

Check out:

Self Care While Studying Abroad

Updated Everyday Makeup Routine

The Most Picturesque Place in Edinburgh

The Daily Self-Care Bag I Never Leave Home Without

The Difference Between Emotional Support Animals and Psychiatric Service Animals

This Girl Knows It

Charlotte recently rebranded her site and I am so excited to see where this new direction takes her!  I love seeing our old group of college bloggers go off into the world and do amazing things! This Girl Knows It’s tagline is “Travel More, Blog Often,” and I absolutely love it

Check out:

7 Must-Have Tips to Successfully Tour London in Under 24 Hours

5 Steps to Requesting and Receiving the Best Recommendation Letter Ever

My Disney College Program Bucket List

The Display Dorm Room vs the Real Dorm Room:  Why You Need to See Both

The Must-Have Guide to Conquering Long Reading Assignments

Scarlett’s Scribbles

I met Scarlett fairly recently through a blogging group and we’ve hit it off beautifully!  I was fortunate enough to guest post on her blog, too.  Scarlett’s a fellow English B.A., but blogs about a whole array of fantastic topics.

Check out:

My 5 Top Tips for University

The Room Where It Happened: Hamilton, A Review

Introduction: 100 Bucket List Films

Review #1: 100 Bucket List Films

Review:  The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

Tiny Ray of Sunshine

Kim is “a San Diego based bullet journalist who’s been Bullet Journaling for over 2 years. I share how to optimize your Bullet Journal® through ideas, insight, and advice.”  Tiny Ray of Sunshine is without a doubt one of my go-to sites for bullet journal inspiration, as well as her posts on!

Check out:

The 8 Stages of the Bullet Journal Addiction

Highlight Lines to make your charts and trackers easier to read in your Bullet Journal

What are Some Things That Make You Smile?

Happy NaJoWriMo:  Some thoughts on Journaling

Free Bullet Journal Reference Guide

A Word with Liu Miao

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Liu Miao a few times now, most recently on guest posts for her National Adoption Month and Spoonie Series! She blogs about college, chronic illness, adoption, and more.

Check out:

College Life Lessons

What’s in my Purse: Spoonie Edition

Snacks to Bring to College Classes

What’s On My iPhone

My Spoonie Story


GenTwenty is actually a group of contributors, but it “was founded in 2013 by Nicole Booz and Gina Oursler, two friends passionate about dispelling myths about Gen Y while providing their peers with support and reassurance during the crazy twenty-something years.”  You’ll find anything from (physical AND mental) health to financial tips.  There’s truly something for everyone!

Check out:

Keep the Avocado Toast:  Here’s How to Really Save Money

5 Things to Purge at the End of the Year

How Working Abroad Can Accelerate Your Career

How to Gain Respect When You’re the Youngest in the Office

5 Holiday Self-Care Tips to Use this Season

My Lifelines

I’ve gotten to know Abby the best out of the three wonderful ladies who run My Lifelines, but the entire trio is absolutely fantastic!  They are the most incredibly supportive people and are so passionate about empowering other women.  Their enthusiasm is contagious!

Check out:

Examining Gender Roles

F.T.L.: Breed Compassion

Women Wednesday:  Top 10 Inspirational Women of 2018


Q&A with ALJ

Jessica Dimas

Jessica writes:  “I mostly write about utilizing the law of attraction and the importance of self-care .” She’s such an inspiration!  Her site really teaches you to follow its tagline:  dwell in magic.  I love how open and sincere she is about her life!  I recently got far more into the law of attraction than ever before and Jessica’s site has been my top resource along the way!

Check out:

Creating Abundance When Surrounded by Lack

Getting Started with Self-Care

Why & How I Use Crystals

Practical Tips for Manifesting Your Goals

10 Spiritual Items I’m Loving

There Might Be Coffee

Nat is another blogger I’ve gotten to know through our little group of collaborators and she’s so sweet!  She loves all things geeky, which I, of course, love!

Check out:

Jennifairy x Sour Attitude Club Pika Sweets Cafe Pin Badges

November Wish List ’18

Barry M Unicorn Primer Drops – Review

London Adventure – What I Plan To Do

Another 10 Facts About Me!

Productive & Pretty (currently unavailable, 1/12)

Another go-to for bullet journal ideas.  Jen and Liz are “passionate about productivity in all forms, so you’ll see a variety of posts around here from general productivity, organizing, DIY projects, and of course our current favourite, Bullet Journaling!”  Even if bullet journaling isn’t your thing (which, really, you should give it a try!), you can find posts on productivity, organizing, crafts, and more.

Check out:

Simple Strategies to Help You Do It All

How Dot Grid Paper Will Make You More Productive

Small Changes for a Better Life

10 Ways to Get More Time (So You Can Have a Life)

10 Easy Steps for a More Organised Life

The Happy Arkansan

You might recognise Amanda from her guest post here on For the Sake of Good Taste!  Amanda is one of the most positive people I know and she’s also one of the most incredibly productive bloggers and freelancers.

Check out:

5 Things Freelancers Have to Stop Telling Ourselves

Leaving Academia for the Hustle:  Finding My Version of Financial Freedom Online

Style File:  Learning to Love Leopard Print

10 Extra Ways to Get Your Organization Noticed On Campus

11 Shows That Will Soothe Your Quarter-Life Anxiety

Cozy Stylist

Lindsey is a fellow blogger here in PA with a fantastic fashion sense (and a love for cats!). Her comfy, cosy outfit picks are fantastic–I’ll never turn down something that’s both cosy and cute!

Check out:

What to Pack for a Fall Trip to New England

Stylish Olive Green Jacket Outfits

How to Dress for Work When It’s Hot Outside

From Couch to 5k – My Workout Outfit

How to Shop for Clothes on Amazon


Lav is a blogger from London who I’ve only recently gotten to know, but I’ll already call a favourite!

Check out:

How to Deal with Imposters Syndrome

Learning Your Partner’s Native Language

How My Dad’s Veganism Affected My Life

Baby Loss Awareness Week

Hangover Day: Lavrax Style

Kay at Home

Kay is the fourth blogger in our little group chat!  She’s a craft and lifestyle blogger from Cornwall with excellent taste!

Check out:

Inspirational Gifts for Kids – Quentin Blake and the Science Museum

*Date Night* – 8 Years, 8 Things

My Upcycled Craft Room – Statement Cork Notice Board with Crown Paints

Days Out – A Doorway to Wonderland at Antony House

In the Kitchen – Not So Spooky Shortbread Bats

Coffee with Summer

Summer is another PA life & style blogger, and a fellow INFJ!

Check out:

How to Develop a Creative Process for Your Blog

Edgy Outfit for Fall

World Suicide Prevention Day – Part of My Story

5 Nashville Murals You Must Visit

How to Grow in Confidence & Positive Self-Talk

You’re still here? You have a whole list of new blogs to follow!  Which one is your favourite?

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